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UFC Berlin results: Strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Jessica Penne

By Dave Meltzer,

Welcome to our live coverage of the UFC Fight Night on Fight Pass in Berlim, Germany at the O2 World in Berlin.


First round: Sasaki came out with a mask like Sakuraba and they said he was a pro wrestling fan growing up.  Lots of Sakuraba mannerisms as he came to the ring.   Sasaki took him down right away but Lapilus back up.  Both tried to throw from a clinch with no success.  Lapilus landed some elbows and a knee to the body.  Most of the round is in the clinch.  Another elbow by Lapilus.  Sasaki tried a takedown and nowhere close.  Left by Lapilus a knee and a spinning elbow at the end of the round.  10-9 Lapilus.

Second round: Sasaki couldn’t get the takedown.  Hard left and another put Sasaki down.  Lapius is pounding him on the ground and it’s over.


First round: They are in a clinch.  Low kick by Musatafaev and Hallman used it for a takedown but Mustafaev right back up.  Right and left by Mustafaev.  Mustafaev with punches and now working for a takedown.  Trip and two punches by Mustafaev.  Spin kick by Mustafev.  Hallman took him down off a kick.  Elbows by Hallman.  Hallman landing elbows from the toip.  Lots of elbows landing.  10-9 Hallman.

Second round: Mustafaev getting the better of the standup. He landed a spinning backfist but Hallman got behind him.  Hallman with knees to the thigh and took him down.  Mustafaev with punches.  Hallman bleeding badly from the left eye.  Mustafaev landing punches. Hallman with a knee.  They brought Hallman to the doctor.  The doctor isn’t happy with the cut.  Hallman was begging for it to continue but the doctor told the ref to stop it.  The cut was right above the left eye and it was deep.  Some doctors would have allowed it to continue but the cut was deep.


First round: Head kick by Askham but he slipped.  Body kick by Askham.  Dos Santos with a flurry.  Askham dropped him with a right.  Dos Santos is wobbly.  Head kick by Askham.  Askham with a series of knees standing and Dos Santos went down and it was stopped.


First round: Takedown by Lahat.  Short slam by Lahat.  Backstrom worked for a gogoplata.  Backstrom swept to the top using an uma plata.  Backstrom got his back.  Backstrom working for a choke.  Backstrom working for an armbar as time ran out.  10-9 Backstrom.

Second round: Lahat moved in with punches.  Backstrom with a knee.  Lahat with more punches.  Backstrom is bleeding.  Backstrom went for a takedown, Lahat sprawled.  Knee by Lahat.  Backstrom bleeding a lot now.  Body kick by Lahat.  Lahat landing a lot of punches.  Lots of uppercuts by Lahat. Hard body kick by Lahat. Big shots by Lahat.  Backstrom got a takedown Lahat reversed to the mount. Lahat working for an armbar.  Punches and elbows by Lahat and has the armbar but didn’t have the right angle.  Now Lahat trying for a North South choke.  Lahat 10-9 so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Big right by Lahat.  Lahat went for a throw but Bakstrom got his back.  Lahat back up.  Lahat bleeeding under the right eye.  Backstrom with a takedown.  Lahat rolled to the top but Backstrom back up.  Backstrom has his back.  Lahat went for an achilles lock.  Lahat on top. Backstrom got a takedown.  Backstrom took the round very close and I’ve got it 29-28.  Good match.

Scores: 28-28, 29-28, 29-28 Lahat. Fans booed the decision.  The third round could have gone either way so not a bad decision. 


First round: Knee and punch by Omer.  Allen landing some shots. Nice knee by Omer.  Body kick by Omer.  Allen bleeding from the nose.  Good left by Allen and he landed several more punches.  Takedown by Allen.  Omer working for a triangle.  Omer with punches and elbows from the bottom. Omer with elbows from the bottom.  Very close round.  Very hard to judge.  Omer 10-9.

Second round: Omer with rights and a takedown.  Omer with a right.  Allen up, and then got Omer down, but Omer reversed and got his back.  Allen bleeding from the nose.  Omer in the piggy back position. Omer 20-18.

Third round:  Omer with a takedown.  Omer with punches.  Omer with knees to the body.  Allen got a guillotine from the bottom and Omer had to tap.  Good come from behind finish


First round: Patrick with a takedown.  Body kick by Taisumov.  Body kick by Taismov.  Another body kick by Taisumov.   Eye poke by Patrick and they had to stop the fight for a time out.  They were pressuring the doctor on getting the fight back going.  Last week they gave plenty of time for an eye poke.  Taisumov wanted to continue, but he wasn’t completely ready.  Body kick by Taisumov.  Patrick tried a takedown and Taisumov went for a guillotine.  Spinning kick by Patrick.  Taisumov landed a right.  Body kick by Taisumov.  Patrick failed on a takedown attempt.  Taisumov with a right and body kick.  Taisumov 10-9.

Second round:   Patrick in with punches.  Taisumov knocked him down with a right kick to the side of the head.  Taisumov landing punches on the ground and it was stopped. 


First round: Takedown by Amirkhani.  He got his back.  Amirkhani working for a choke.  Fullen had to tap.  That was Amirkhani’s second straight sub 2:00 win and he’s got tremendous personality.

He was looking for his mom in the stands and started crying.  He was crying and couldn’t cut a promo.  They showed his mom in the stands and she was crying like crazy and he was crying like crazy.  What a super babyface moment.  He said that he went from Finland to Stockholm and didn’t answer any phone calls or messages.  So he’s like a TNA wrestler in an angle.


First round: Hein the biggest crowd favorite so far being from Germany.  Both are in a clinch.  Hein took him down and got his back.  Hein landed a left.  Hein 10-9.

Second round: Hein kicked to the body. Hein landing a lot of punches and Sajewski trying to counter.  Crowd really getting into it.  Hein with low kicks and punches.  Sajewski missed a spinning punch.  Left by Hein.  Body kick by Hein.  20-18

Third round: Left by Hein.  Hein with an eye poke leading to a time out.  Body kick and punches by Hein.  Hein landing more punches.  Hard right by Hein staggered him.  Hein won easily 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27, no other scores was possible.

Hein did an interview in English, German and Japanese.  He asked to fight at the Saitama Super Arena show.  He spoke great Japanese.  Crowd got into the German promo.  


First round: Sobotta landing early.  Takedown by Sobotta.  He’s got the body triangle and is working for a choke. Kennedy escaped the first attempt.  Sobotta went for a choke the second time and got it.


First round: Kawajiri going for a single leg.  Great balance by Siver.  Kawajiri picked him up but Siver still blocked the takedown.  Siver with a low kick.  Nice flurry by Siver.  Kawajiri shot in for a takedown but Siver blocked it again.  Spin kick by Siver.  Left by Siver and Kawajiri trying for a takedown.  Siver’s balance was great.  Kawajiri is getting obsessed with the takedown, which looks like a mistake.  Finally Kawajiri gave up.  Siver thought guillotine but gave it up.  Kawajiri finally got him down.  Siver 10-9.

Second round:   Spin kick by Siver.  Kawajiri tried a takedown and Siver powered him off.  Kawajiri again going for the takedown.  Kawajiri got the takedown.  Siver grabbed he fence to get up but he ref pulled Siver’s arm off.  Siver kicked him off but Kawajiri back on toip.  Kawajiri’s round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Spinning backfist by Kawajiri.  Kawajiri went for a takedown but didn’t get it.  Kawajiri moved in and got the takedown.  Siver working for a guillotine.  Siver up.  Kawajiri again working for the takedown.  Another takedown by Kawajiri.  Kawajiri with elbows.  Kawajiri’s round, he should win 29-28.

Scores: All three scored it 29-28 for Kawajiri.


First round: Penne pushed her against the fence and working for a takedown.  Trading knees.   Joanna now landing punches.  Joanna with more punches.  Penne tried for a takedown.  They went to the ground but back up.  Penne working hard for the takedown.  Elbow by Joanna broke it up.  Low kick by Joanna.  Penne tried a takedown but Joanna was too strong and ended up on top and let her up.  Joanna knocked her down and throwing punches on the ground.  Joanna kicking Penne’s leg.  She’s kicking the leg as Penne laid on her back.  Nice headlock takedown by Penne.  Joanna 10-9

Second round: Joanna landing more punches and a low kick.  Head kick but Penne blocked it.  Joanna with a front kick.  Joanna with a kick to the body.  Hard elbow and head kick.  Penne’s nose is bleeding.  Joanna is landing a lot of punches.  Penne has grabbed he clinch.  Joanna powered out of the clinch.  Penne bleeding all over the place and eating punches to the face.  Joanna landing knees and elbows.  Head kick by Joanna.  Joanna landing more punches.  Penne grabbed a headlock.  Body kick by Joanna.  Low kick by Joanna.  Left and right by Joanna and a low kick.  She’s landing punches and kicks. .  Hard knee and more punches and Joanna throwing a ton of punches and Penne grabbed a headlock to slow her down.  10-8 round for Joanna so 20-17 after two.  Amazing Penne lasted the round.  She has a ton of heart and is super mentally tough because she not only lasted but was still not going for it.

Third round: Low kick by Joanna .  Joanna continues to land punches.  Low kick by Joanna.  Pena landed a right.  She landed a punch but Joanna back with punches and a low kick.  Joanna landing punches.  Front kick by Joanna.  Nice left by Joanna.  Joanna’s face covered in blood but it’s mostly Penne’s blood.  Joanna working the body and low kicks.  Hard kick by Joanna.  Joanna is taking out Penne’s left leg with the low kicks.  Joanna landing more punches.  Hard right by Joanna and ref Marc Goddard mercifully stopped it.  Joanna said she promised a war, it was a war and asked who is next.  She looked tremendous, like a top superstar.  4:22

Joanna said I said the fight would be a war, it was a war.  She has a ton of charm and great natural charisma.  Really top tier.