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UFC Fight Night 64: Gonzaga vs Cro Cop II live results and coverage

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC Fight Night 64: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Mirko Cro Cop 2. Airing live on UFC Fight Pass, the event is the debut of the Octagon in Poland, coming from the Tauron Arena in Krakow. We have a preview of the show HERE and weigh-in results HERE.


Featherweights: Taylor Lapilus vs. Rocky Lee

First round:  Lee pushed forward.  Lapuilus threw a knee but Lee got the takedown.  Lapilus right back up .  Lapilus is working for a standing guillotine.  Lee fighting hard for a takedown and not getting it.  Lapilus again working for a guillotine and gave it up.  Hard knee by Lapilus.  Lapilus landed a left and right.  Lee again going for a takedown and not getting it.  Knee by Lapilus.  Lee went for a takedown, Lapilus with punches and hit a knee.  Elbows and a knee by Lapilus.  Side kick by Lapilus.  Body kick by Lee.  Lapilus 10-9.

Second round:  Lapilus landed another knee.  Lee got a takedown and got his back.  Lapilus reversed and throwing punches.  Lapilus with punches and a low kick.  Lee has a bloody nose. Lee going for a takedown and not even close.  Lee with a body kick.  Lapilus 20-18.

Third round:  Left by Lapilus and a takedown.  Lee back up.  Another takedown by Lapilus.  Body kick by Lapilus.  Lapilus with soe punches.  Lee landed a right.  Lapilus 30-27, no other score possible.

Scores:  All three have it 30-27 for Lapilus

Lightweights: Marcin Bandel vs. Steven Ray

First round:  Ray's wife is due this week.  He had gotten another job but got a late call for this fight as a replacement.   Bandel working for a takedown.  Bandel went for a takedown, then dropped for a leglock.  Ray back up.  He dropped for a leg lock again but Ray now on top.  Bandel has bloody nose.  Ray got a takedown and is on top agian.  Ray passed to side control.  Ray got his back.  He's on top again.  Ray working for an arm triangle.  Bandel was able to survive until the end of the round but the move looked dangerous.  10-9 Ray

Second round:  Left and kick by Ray.  Bandel working for a leglock which allowed Ray to get on top.  Ray working for a choke.  He couldn't hold it.  Another takedown by Ray and Ray pounding him on the ground.  Ray got his back and throwing a lot of punches on the ground.  Bandel is in a lot of trouble and it was stopped.

Ray was very humble in his interview.  He talked about his baby girl coming, that he was called 15 days ago for this fight and had to lose 33 pounds and didn't know if he'd make it.  He asked for a bonus saying it would change his life.

Women's Strawweights: Izabela Badurek vs. Aleksandra Albu

First round:  Albu is competition bodybuilder.  Albu landed punches.  Badurek pushed her into the fence.  Badurek fighting for a takedown and not getting it  Badurek trying to throw her.  She's also throwing knees to the thigh.  Badurek working for a takedown but not getting it.  Badurek just can't get the takedown.  Albu finally out of the clinch.  Badurek bleeding from the nose.  She clsoed the distance and got the takedown.  Badurek 10-9 but this was awfully close.

Second round:  Albu with a few punches trying to stay out of the clinch this time.  Albu landed but Badurek got the clinch.  Both going for judo throws and not getting it.  Both throwing knees, Badurek couldn't get a trip.  Left by Albu.  Albu landing a lot of punches from short range.  Badurek got the takedown but Albu grabbed a guillotine and Badurek tapped out quickly.

Heavyweights: Daniel Omielanczuk vs. Anthony Hamilton

First round:  Hamilton took him down and throwing punches.  Daniel cut near the hairline.  Hamilton on top.  Hamilton punching the body.  More body shots.  Hamilton continues to work the body.  He moved to side control.  Now he has his back.  10-9 Hamilton.

Second round:  Hamilton pushed him against the fence.  He's trying for a takedown but Daniel defending well.  Daniel trying for a guillotine.  Hamilton landing uppercuts fromclose range.  Knee to he body by Hamilton.  Daniel took him down.  Hamilton look tired now.  Hamilton bakc up but Daniel punching.  Daniel tried a takedown and got it.  Hamilton back up.  Daneil tried  takedown but Hamilton ended up on top.  Daniel back up.  Close round, I've got Omielanczuk and a 19-19 score after two.

Third round:  They hugged as the third round started.  Hamilton trying for a takedown.  He didn't get it.  Hamilton with knees to the body.  Hamilton with knees to the body.  Exchanging knee now.  Both at close range  and landing punches and knees but Hamilton landing more.  Hamilton got the takedown.  Daaniel trying for a Kimura.  Hamilton throwing body shots as time ran out.  Hamilton 29-28.  The only thing that can save Daniel is a home town decision.

Scores:  29-28, 29-28 and 29-27 Hamilton.

Featherweights: Damian Stasiak vs. Yaotzin Meza

First round:  Meza got the takedown.  Meza with a few punches.  Meza working for a choke.  Stasiak escaped the side choke and reversed to the top.  Stasiak with a spin kick to the body.  Another spin kick by Stasiak and a takedown by Stasiak. Stasiak has his back.  Stasiak throwing punches from the back position.  Now Stasiak working for a choke but gave it up.  Both had good advantages so it was close.  10-9 Stasiak.

Second round:  Meza with a right and Stasiak with a kick.  Meza jumped into a guillotine, slipped off and that left Stasiak on top.  That didn't work.  Stasiak with some punches on the ground.  Stasiak working for a Kimura but that allowed Meza to get the top position.  Meza landed a punch and got Stasiak's back.  Meza has his back.  Meza's round so I've got it 19-19 after two rounds.

Third round:  Meza got the takedown.  Meza blocked an amrbar attempt and remains on top.  Meza staying on top and now has his back.  Stasiak scrambled for a guillotine but Meza reversed back to the top.  Stasiak tried for a leglock but got nowhere.  Meza's round, I've got 29-28 for Meza but it could be 30-27.

Scores:  30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 Meza

Welterweights: Sergio Moraes vs. Mikael Lebout

First round:  Moraes with a right.  Left by Lebout.  Very little happened this round.  Moraes working for a takedown and got it with a few seconds left.  Close round, the takedown may have won him the round.  10-9 Moraes.

Second round:  Moraes with punches.  Moraes  landing some.  Lebout back.  Moraes  landed back.  Both trying for a late takedown but neither got it.  Lebout's round, so 19-19 after two.

Third round:   Moraes landing and a front kick  Moraes with a couple of punches and got the takedown.  Moraes in side position  Moraes moved to mount.  Lebout reversed in the waning seconds.  29-28 Moraes.

Scores:  All three have it 29-28 Moraes.

Middleweights: Bartosz Fabinski vs. Garreth McLellan

First round:  Fabinski fighting a weight class up.  McLellan pushed him against the fence.  Takedown by Fabinski.   A second takedown hard by Fabinski.  McLellan up.  A third takedown by Fabinski.  Fabinski has his back now.  He's punching from that position.  Knee by McLellan.  Another takedown by Fabinski.  Fabiniski with knees but slipped.  McLellan tried a guillotine.  Fabinski 10-9.

Second round:  Fabinski with a high takedown.  Trading knees.  Fabinski took him down again.   Fabinski landing all kinds of short elbows.  Fabinski's round, almost a 10-8, but not enough damage for me, so 20-18 Fabinski after two.

Third round:  Both in a clinch throwing short knees.  Another takedown by Fabinski.  Another takedown by Fabinski.  Another takedown by Fabinski.  Fabinski with short elbows.  McLellan tried a guillotine but Fabinski out.  Another slam by Fabinski.  Fabinski easy 30-27 if not more.  The Polish fans haven't had a lot to cheer about but they got a winner here.

Scores:  All three judges have it 30-27 for Fabinski.

Welterweights: Seth Baczynski vs. Leon Edwards

First round:  Edwards decked him with a left and two shots on the ground and it was over in seconds.  :08

This was the second fastest knockout in welterweight history behind the Dwayne Ludwig fight.  Edwards asked Joe Silva for 50Gs.


Women's Strawweights: Joanne Calderwood vs. Maryna Moroz

First round:  Moroz landing really well and Caldwerwood was hurt.  Morosz dropped for an armbar and got it in seconds and she was a 9-to-1 underdog.  She jumped on the top of the fence and challenged Joanna at ringside.  Joanna got off her chair and walked to the cage  1:30

Welterweights: Pawel Pawlak vs. Sheldon Westcott

First round:  Wescott got the takedown but Pawlak back up.  Pawlak with a judo throw  Wescott right back up.  Knees by Wescott.  Wescott had him against the fence for the rest of the round.  10-9 Wescott

Second round:  Knee by Pawlak lawlak hurt Wescott.  Pawlak tried another judo throw but Wescott blocked it.  Wescott in a clinch.  The ref finally separated them.  Pawlak with a high kick.  Knee by Pawlak missed and it would have been illegal since Wescott was down.  Knee by Pawalk.  Pawal took Wescott down.  Wescott looks exahuusted.  Pawlak dragged Wescott down and moved to side control.  Pawlak's round so 19-19.

Third round:   Right by Pawlak..  Pawalk with another one.  Wescot is exhaused but Wescott tied him up in a clinch as he crowd booed.  Wescott got a takedown but Pawlak back up.  Hip toss by Pawlak.  He's throwing some elbows.  Elbow to the body.  Pawlak in North-South position.  Pawalak got his back.  Wescott escaped and to his feet.  Pawlak landed a few as the round ended.  Pawlak 29-28.

Scores:  All three have it 29-28 for Pawlak

Light Heavyweights: Jimi Manuwa vs. Jan Blachowicz

First round:  Fans chanting for Blachowicz.  Manuwa landed and moved into the clinch.  Head kick by Manuwa.  Left by Blachowicz.  Manuwa with knees to the thigh holding the clinch.  Manuwa with more knees to the thigh.  Left by Blachowicz.  Nice left by Blachowicz.  Low kick by Manuwa.  Manuwa with low kicks.  Close round 10-9 Manuwa.

Second round:  Manuwa with knees.  Manuwa with knees to the thigh from the clinch.  Nice elbow by Blachowicz.  Body shot by Manuwa.  Lef by Blachowicz.  Ref Marc Goddard separated. them.  Body kick by Manuwa.  Left to the body by Manuwa.  20-18 Manuwa but both rounds are really close.

Third round:  Blachowicz landed a left  hook.  Body kick by Manuwa.  Body kick by Blachowicz.  Trading punches  Low kick and punch by Manuwa.  Head kick by Blachowicz.  Manuwa with a right and left.  Manuwa looking for a takedown and didn't get it.  They were separated again.  Uppercut by Blachowicz.  Low kick and body kick by Manuwa.  Blachowicz with a knee moving forward. Manwua back with punches and a knee to the body.  Hard right by Manuwa.  Blachowicz blocked a takedown   Manuwa with punches and a knee as the round was ending.  Manuwa's round 30-27

Scores:  30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Manuwa.

Heavyweights: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Mirko Cro Cop

First round:  Gonzaga throwing punches that didn't land  Gonzaga again moving forward and not landing.  Body kick by Gonzaga.  Gonzaga continuing to move forward.  Gonzaga got the akedown.  Gonzaga with a few body punches.  Gonzaga in full mount.  Cro Cop with an ankle lock attempt and Goznaga tried a heel hook.  Gonzaga got up and jumped back down.  Gonzaga landed an elbow.  Cr Cop threw elbows from the bottom. Gonzaga 10-9.

Second round:  Left by Cro Cop.  Cro Cop missed a high kick, Gonzaga tried a takedown, didn't get it and Gonzaga kneed him in the groin.  Cro Cop said he was okay.  Gonzaga bleeding from a long cut.  Gonzaga got another takedown.  Gonzaga with a few body punches.  Cro Cop landing elbows from the bottom.  Gonzaga in full mount.  He's throwing some punches.  Gonzaga with more punches  Cro Cop bleeding a lot from punches. Gonzaga 20-18.

Third round:  Gonzaga missed a takedown attempt bad.  Gonzaga moved in.  Gonzaga therw some punches that missed and blocked a takedown. Cro Cop with two hard elbows.  Cro Cop with punches.  Cro Cop on top trying onto trying to finish him.  The crowd exploded with Cro Cop showing life.  Cro Cop with body unches and elbows to the head from the top.  Cro Cop is throwing hard elbows and working to finish him.  Gonzaga was covered in blood and taking hard elbows and it was stopped.