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UFC Fight Night 65: Miocic vs. Hunt live results and coverage

Welcome to's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 65: Miocic vs. Hunt from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in Adelaide, Australia. The entire card airs on the UFC's digital network, UFC Fight Pass. We have a preview of the event HERE and coverage of the weigh-ins HERE.

Coverage provided by Dave Meltzer


Flyweights: Alptekin Ozkilic vs. Ben Nguyen

First round: Nguyen with low kicks.  Nguyen dropped him briefly.  Ozkilic landed some punches.  Ozkilic tried a takedown but Nguyen blocked it and dropped him.  He dropped him a second time with a left.  Ozkilic up and took him down.  Ozliklic with some elbows from the top.  Ozkilic with an elbow.  Knees to the body by Ozkilic and Nguyen back up.  Uppercut by Ozkilic.  Hard left by Nguyen.  Ozkilic bleeding from the nose.  Both landing.  Ozkilic tried a takedown but Nguyen maneuvered away from it.  Two lefts by Nguyen put him down and he landed punches on the ground and it was stopped with one second left in the round.  Really good fight.   Two lefts and about ten rapid fire punches on the ground and it was stopped.  4:59

Welterweights: Vik Grujic vs. Brendan O'Reilly

First round: Grujic came out to the same entrance music as Chigusa Nagayo, the woman’s wrestling star of a different generation. Low kick by O’Reilly.  O’Reilly wants to take it down.  These two were both on the same season of Ultimate Fighter in Australia.  O’Reilly got the takedown but Grujic right back up.  Grujic now landing punches.  O’Reilly tied him up.  O’Reilly with a second takedown.  O’Reilly in mount and landed some punches.  Now he’s in side control.  Grujic back up.  O’Reilly got a third takedown as the round ended.  O’Reilly 10-9.

Second round: Both landing punches.  Elbow by Grujic.  Grujic with all kinds of lefts.  Both swinging and Grujic landing a lot.  O’Reilly bleeding from the left eye.  Grujic landing left elbows.  O’Reilly is tired.  Grujic landing short lefts.  Big kick to the face by O’Reilly.  O’Reilly  got the takedown.  Grujic now tired.  Grujic landing shorts lefts.  Knee the body and punches by Grujic.  O’Reilly hurt him with a kick.  Elbow and punch by O’Reilly.  Head kick by Grujic.  Both swinging and Grujic getting the better of it.  O’Reilly hurt him and Grujic took him and got his back working for a choke as the round ended.  Super round.  Grujic’s round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Grujic with short lefts from close range.  Knee by Grujic.  O’Reilly with a knee and Grujic back.  Both guys are tired after that last round.  O’Reilly got the takedown.  Another takedown by O’Reilly.  This round was very different from the first two.  O’Reilly 29-28, really no other score possible.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for O’Reilly.

Women's Strawweights: Alex Chambers vs. Kailin Curran

First round: Chambers with a takedown.  Curran back up.  Curran on top in side control after blocking a takedown.  Curran landing lefts.  Curran landing a lot of punches.  Chambers back up. Curran landing a lot of punches and a knee.  More punches and a knee by Curran.  Chambers with two body kicks.  Both landing punches.  Chambers with a takedown.  Curran up and landed a knee.  Curran 10-9.

Second round: Curran landing punches.  Head kick by Chambers.  Curran landing better.  Head kick by Chambers.  Curran put her down and throwing punches.   She’s throwing hard punches on the ground.  Curran landing a lot of punches.  Takedown by Curran.  Chambers is working for an armbar.  Curran 20-18.

Third round: Chambers starting to land and Curran took her down.  Chambers working for a Kimura.  Chambers got the armbar from the bottom in a match she was losing big.

Middleweights: Dylan Andrews vs. Brad Scott

First round: Andrews dropped him with an uppercut.  Scott back up working for a takedown.  Scott got the takedown but Andrews back up.  Scott with knees and an elbow. Knee and punches by Scott.  Knee but Andrews dropped him a second time with a punch to the ear but Scott back up.  Andrews with a guillotine.  Scott out of it.  Knees and punches by Scott.  Scott landing all kinds of punches.  Scott landing a lot of punches but Andrews took him down as the round ended.  Andrews 10-9

Second round: Andrews landing punches.  Scott landed uppercuts.  Uppercut by Scott.  Andrews back with punches including an uppercut.  Nice uppercut by Scott.  The ref stopped the fight.  Andrews has problems with his right eye.  Bad ref call as it looked to have been a punch to the eye and the fight can’t be stopped from a legal punch.  Scott with hard punches.  Scott with a guillotine and Andrews tapped out. 

This is four straight underdog wins.

Women's Strawweights: Bec Rawlings vs. Lisa Ellis

First round: Ellis took her right down.  Ellis tried for an armbar but Rawlings out.  Rawlings with some punches. Ellis up but Rawlings threw her down and punching.  Rawlings in side control.  Elbows by Rawlings.  Rawlings with a guillotine.  Both trading punches.  Ellis went for a takedown but didn’t get it.  Both trading punches.  Rawlings landing a lot of punches.  Knee, punches and elbows by Rawlings.  Ellis is in trouble.  Rawlings working for a choke.  Ellis tapped out. 

Middleweights: Dan Kelly vs. Sam Alvey

First round: Alvey dropped him three times right away in three punches and it was stopped in seconds.  A right and left for the first knockdown and then two knockdowns with the next two rights. :49

Alvey did a super interview.  He's going to win Mr. Congeniality tonight.  He challenged Elias Theodorou to a hair vs. hair match.  Even though he beat an Olympic star the Australian crowd really liked him as he kissed up to them and did Ozzie cheers like he was the native.

Welterweights: Kyle Noke vs. Jonavin Webb

First round:   Noke is much bigger.  Webb mostly dancing away.  Noke with a body kick.  Webb landed a right.  Webb wobbled him.  Webb landed a right.  Takedown by Webb and he went for a leglock but Noke escaped.  Noke landed punches.  Webb with a takedown. Webb going for a guillotine.  He got Noke’s back.  He went for the calf slicer as the round ended.  Webb 10-9.

Second round:   Webb dropped him with a left.  Noke reversed to the top.  Noke got up.  Noke on top throwing punches.  Noke landing punches from the top.  Webb went for a heel hook but Noke escaped.  Webb took him down.  Webb went for a takedown but Noke sprawled.  Noke has a bloody nose.  Webb landed a hard left.  Close round Webb 20-18.

Thrid round: Noke with a body kick.  Low kick by Noke.  Noke landing punches.  Webb with a hard right.  Left by Webb.  Front kick by Noke.  Right by Webb.  Noke with a left.  Right by Webb.  Noke ripped him with a low kick.  Noke’s round, I’ve got Webb 29-28 but the second round could go either way so it’s a close decision.

Scores: 30-27 Webb 29-28 Noke 29-28 Noke

Featherweights: Hatsu Hioki vs. Dan Hooker

First round: Hooker with left.  Hioki with a left.  Big right by Hioki.  Left by Hioki.  Hooker poked his eye.  Hioki with a body kick.  Hooker with a left.  Hioki took him down.  Reverse by Hooker and let him up.  Hooker landed a head kick and Hioki took him down but Hooker back up.  Hioki 10-9.

Second round: Hioki took him down.  Hooker with a high kick and Hioki with punches.  Hioki landed a few shots.  Body kick by Hioki.  Hioki with a couple of body kicks.  Head kick by Hooker knocked him out. 


Lightweights: Jake Matthews vs. James Vick

First round: Hard left by Matthews.  Matthews working for the takedown.  It’s not going to be easy.  Matthews with a Matt Hughes slam.  But that’s a lot of energy used.  Vick right back up.   Right by Matthews.  Left by Matthews.  Another left by Matthews.  Right by Matthews.  Right by Matthews.  Vick with an uppercut.  Matthews cheerleading and moved in.  There was evidently an eye poke by Vick.  Matthews was doing a spinning move and Vick got a finger in his eye.  Right by Matthews.  Knee by Vick.  Uppercut by Vick and he grabbed a guillotine for the submission. 

Light Heavyweights: Anthony Perosh vs. Sean O'Connell

First round: Perosh is 42 years old, one of the oldest fighters in the promotion.  O’Connell is a sports talk host in Utah who is 31.  O’Connell landed hard shots early.  O’Connell landed punch after punch and the ref stopped it.  O’Connell just threw wild lefts and rights, most of which landed solid and Perosh wasn’t defending well. :56

Middleweights: Brad Tavares vs. Robert Whittaker

First round: Whittaker dropped him twice with left hooks and it’s over.  This show is crazy.  He dropped him with two straight left hook and landed a hard right on the ground that knocked him out.  :44

Heavyweights: Stipe Miocic vs. Mark Hunt

First round: Miocic took him down but Hunt right up.  Miocic landed a left.  Another left by Miocic.  Hunt landed a left.  Another left by Hunt.  Right by Miocic.  Lef t by Miocic.  Hard right by Miocic.  Left by Miocic.  Another takedown by Miocic.  Miocic landing elbows.  Now he’s landing punches from the top.  Miocic with more elbows.  Miocic thinking Kimura but Hunt escaped.  Hunt back to his feet but he’s tired.  10-9 Miocic.

Second round: Miocic with jabs.  Hard right by Miocic.  Elbow by Miocic.  More elbows by Miocic.  Miocic with another takedown.  Miocic throwing punches while having back position.  Hunt back up But he’s so tired.  Miocic hard right.  Hunt landed a left hook.  Knee and uppercut by Micoci.  Elbow by Miocic.  Miocic landing more punches but couldn’t get the takedown.  Hunt looks like he’s just hanging on.  Hunt with a left and right and Miocic back.  Miocic 20-18.

Third round: Left by Hunt.  Miocci with a takedown.  Crowd booing heavily.  Miocic with punches and elbows on the ground.  Miocic landing a ton of punches.  Hunt is in real trouble now.  The ref warning Hunt about improving his position.  Miocic with more elbows and punches.  Miocic just wrestling him.  Hunt got up.  Miocic with a knee and another takedown.   And Miocic continues to pound on him from the mount.  Hunt is in a lot of trouble.  Miocic landing a ton of punches.  It’s really time to stop it.  Miocic with more elbows.  The crowd is going crazy but Hunt can’t get up.  Miocic continues to pound on him.  Really this should have been stopped.  Easy 10-8 if not more, 30-26.

Fourth round: Hunt’s face is a mess.  Right by Hunt.  Miocic with a right.  Another takedown by Miocic.  Crowd boos every time Hunt is taken down because they know Hunt is in trouble on the ground.  Miocic with a few more punches but he’s not as aggressive as the last round.  Miocic with elbows on the ground.  Now Miocic with punches from the top.  More elbows by Miocic.  Miocic continues to land punches on the ground but only a few at a time.  Hunt can’t get up.  Now Miocic working the body.  Hard punches on the ground by Miocic.  The crowd goes crazy every time Hunt tries to get up, but he ‘s too tired and Miocic is too good a wrestler.  Hunt up but Miocic landed a hard left.  Miocic with another elbow.  Knee by Miocic.  These two are exhausted.  Hunt tried to throw a punch.  Another 10-8 for Miocic 40-35.

Fifth round: The doctor asked Hunt if he can see.  He said he was fine.  The doctor is worried about Hunt.  The doctor said he could see but he is ready to stop it Miocic took him right down.  Miocic with punches.  Miocic has his back.  Fans are chanting “Stand them up.”  But that would be ridiculous.  Micoic landing a lot of punches.  Miocic now landing a million punches and the ref finally stopped it.  This should have been stopped two rounds earlier.