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UFC Fight Night 70 results and recap: Yoel Romero vs. Lyoto Machida

UFC Fight Night 70

Welcome to's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 70: Machida vs. Romero from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The event is headlined by a five-round middleweight bout between former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida and Olympic medalist Yoel Romero. The preliminary card action kicks off at 8 PM eastern time on FOX Sports 2 before moving over to FOX Sports 1 for the main card at 10 PM eastern time.



First round: Kakai took him down.  Martinez up.  Martinez back with punches, but Kakai dropped him and he’s hurt.  Kakai landing jabs.  Knee by Kakai.  Nice left by Martinez.  Knees by Kakai.  Another knee by Kakai.  Elbow by Kakai.  Hard elbows by Kakai.  Martinez landed a nice left and grabbed a guillotine.  Kakai out.  Uppercut by Kakai. Martinez back with punches. Hard right by Kakai.  Head kick by Martinez and now he’s landing.  Great round 10-9 Kakai.

Second round: Martinez landing good shots  Nice left by Martinez.  Front kick by Kakai.  Kakai took him down.  Knee by Martinez.  Another takedown by Kakai.  Kakai moved to his back.  Another takedown by Kakai.  Martinez up and landing punches.  Flying knee by Martinez.  Kakai 20-18.

Third round: Both throwing punches.  Martinez with body shots.  Hard right by Martinez.  Head kick by Martinez.  Knee by Martinez.  Takedown by Kakai.  Martinez back up.  Knee by Kakai.  Martinez landing more punches.  Martinez missing punches big.  Good fight.  Close third round, I have 30-27 Kakai.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Kakai.


First round: James Warring referee.  He’s doen boxing, kickboxing, MMA and pro wrestling.   Not too many people have done all four.  Left by Sims.  Montgomery landed a knee.  Head kick by Montgomery.  Sims dropped him with a left and finished him with a punch on the ground.  It was a hell of a left to the jaw.  One more punch and Warring stopped it.


First round: Takedown by Silva, and then he got a second takedown.  Gonzalez reversed and trying for a guillotine.  Silva escaped.  Body kick by Silva.  Another body kick by Silva.  Gonzalez took him down.  Silva working for a heel hook.  He gave it up.  He tried again by Gonzalez reversed out of it.  Knee by Gonzalez.  Gonzalez got another takedown.  Close round 10-9 Silva.

Second round: Trading elbows.  Silva landed a left.  High slam by Silva.  Silva got his back.  Silva controlled him on the ground.  Silva’s round, so up 20-18.

Third round: Silva with lefts. He wanted a takedown but didn’t get it.  Gonzalez pushed him into the cage.  Right by Silva.  Gonzalez bleeding from the right eye.  Silva in with punches and a knee.  Silva has his back again.  Gonzalez reversed standing, but Silva reversed back and threw a few punches at the end of the round.  30-27 Silva

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Silva

The 29-27 score announced for Silva was a mistake in tallying and it was actually 29-28.


First round: Oliveira has him against the fence.  Oliveira got him down and got his back.  He’s working for a choke.  Merritt defending.  Oliveira has a body triangle.  Oliveira is working for a choke.  Marrett turned into him and is on top.  Merrett landed a few short elbows. Oliveira up.   Merritt landed a shot.  Merritt did well late but I still have Oliveira 10-9.

Second round: Oliveira tried a high kick and slipped.  Oliveira landed a counter shot.  Oliveira on top in the mount blocking Merritt’s takedown attempt. Nice reverse by Merritt.  Merritt with an elbow and a knee standing.  Oliveira bleeding from the right eye.  Oliveira working for a takedown.  Oliveira got the takedown and got his back again.  Oliveira again working for a choke.  Merritt escaped.  Merritt reversed to the top.  Another close round, Oliveira 20-18.

Third round: Oliveira working for a takedown.   Oliveira got behind him standing and dragged him down but Merritt landed on top in the mount.  Oliveira up.  Merritt hit a hard knee and a knee to the body.  Oliveira is behind him again.   Oliveira took him down Merritt back up.  Oliveira has his back.  He’s again working for a choke.  Oliveira was working for a choke as time ran out.  30-27 Oliveira.

Scores:   All three judges have it 30-27 for Oliveira.



First round: Dias landing low kicks, Makashvili wiht a right.  Body shot by Dias.  Crowd booing the fight.  Makashvili tried a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Hard right by Makashvili.  That was the best punch of the fight.  Low kick by Makashvili.  Dias got the takedown which should win him the round.  Dias 10-9.  Crowd booed the round.

Second round: Takedown by Makashvili.  Dias working for a Kimura.  Dias got his back.  Makashvili got him of.  Makashvili on top and Dias working for a triangle.  Makashvili is in trouble.  Makashvili broke the triangle with a hard power bomb.  Dias with a takedown.  Makashvili went for a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Dias shot in and got another takedown.  That’s going to win him this round.  20-18 Dias.

Third round: Makashvili fighting for a takedown.  Makashvili still pushing for a takedown and not getting it.  Now Dias trying for a takedown and not getting it.  Most of the round is a Greco-Roman clinch.  Knee by Makashvili.  It’s a battle for a takedown but that means nothing because Makashvili is losing even if he wins the round.  Dias is now working for the takedown.  Crowd booing this round heavily.  This round was a Greco-Roman stalemate most of the way.  Makashvili got a momenary takedown.  He tried a gut wrench but dropped Dias and Makashvili landed on top.  Makashvili’s round so 29-28 Dias.

Scores: 29-28 Makashvili 29-28 Dias 29-28 Dias.  Fans booed but he won the first two rounds.  


First round: Santos killed him dead with a high kick.  It was a left high kick and that was a knockout of the year contender.


First round: Carlos huge at middleweight.  He looks like a 220 pound guy.  He fought in UFC as a heavyweight the first time out.  Both in a clinch.  Carlos, known as Shoe Face, because he looks like a shorter Kurrgan, can’t muscle the smaller guy around.  Carlos took him down.  Gordon back up.  Carlos has him against the fence.  Carlos got a second takedown.  Hard elbows on the ground.  Carlos landing a lot of punches on the ground.  He threw a knee to the body.  Carlos 10-9

Second round:   High kick by Carlos.  Body kick by Carlos.  Takedown by Carlos.  Carlos landing more punches.  Carlos 20-18.

Third round: Trading low kicks.  Carlos got another takedown.  He’s got his back and working for a choke.  Carlos got the submission with a choke.


First round: Larkin moved in with punches and a body kick.  Santiago back with punches.  Front kick by Larkin.  Trading shots.  Spin kick by Larkin.  Left by Larkin.  Low kick by Santiago.  Santiago going for a takedown  Larkin doing a good job of takedown defense.  Low kick and body kick by Larkin.  Uppercut by Larkin.  10-9 Larkin.

Second round: Nice right by Larkin.  Both throwing.  Body kick by Larkin.  Left and right by Larkin.  Front kick by Larkin.  Low kick by Santiago .  Santiago in with punches.  Larkin may be tired.  Both landing pucnhes.  Low kick by Larkin.  Nice right by Santiago.  Big right by Santiago.  Great round.  Right and an elbow by Larkin.  Larkin knocked him down and trying to finish it on the ground.  Larkin landing a lot of punches on the ground.  Santiago back up but Herb Dean stopped it because he was rocked.  This was a great round.


First round: Fans chanting Machida even though Romero is out of South Florida.   Low kick by Machida.  Machida is a little slower.  Body kick by Machida.  Body kick by Romero.  Body kick by Romero.  Romero hurt him with a right.  Body kick by Romero.  Knee by Machida.  Right by Machida.  Body kick by Machida.  Spin kick by Machida.  Left by Machida and Romero back.  10-9 Machida.

Second round: Both landed. Romero has power.  Romero missed a high kick.  Low kick by Machida.  Romero chants.  Body kick by Machida.  Low kick by Machida.  Left by Machida.  Body kick by Machida.  Right and a knee by Romero.  Left by Machida.  Low kick by Machida.  Romero with a right.  Romero with a left.  Body kick and low kick by Machida.  Big left  by Romero.  Body kick by Machida.  Left by Romero.  Body kick by Romero.  Romero missed a haymaker left.  Body kick by Machida.  Romero off the fence landed two punches, really cool spot.  Romero’s round close 19-19.

Third round: Right by Romero.  Low kick by Romero. Low kick by Machida.  Body kick by Machida.  Body kick by Romero.  Romero took him down and he beat the crap out of him with elbows on the ground and it’s over.  Romero threw him down, once he landed the elbows he rocked him and it was over after the fifth elbow.