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UFC Fight Night 75 live results: Josh Barnett vs. Roy Nelson


Welcome to's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 75: Barnett vs. Nelson from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The event is headlined by former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett returning from a long layoff to take on Roy Nelson. In the co-main event slot, it will be Gegard Mousasi taking on Uriah Hall in middleweight action. The action kicks off with preliminary card fights at 8 PM eastern time on FOX Sports 2. The action moves over to FOX Sports 1 at 10 PM eastern time for the main card. Enjoy the fights all.

Coverage provided by Dave Meltzer



First round:  Zapata tried a kick to the head.  Anzai working for a takedown.  Now throwing punches as he borke.  He went for another takedown.  Anzai again working for a takedown.  Anzai got him down.  Anzai keeping him down but doing no damage.  Anzai tried a takedown, Zapata held the cage to block but the ref missed it.  Anzai again working for a takedown.  Anzai 10-9.

Second round:  Zapata kicked the body.  Zapata with punches but Anzai  again working for a takedown.  Anzai landed a punch,  Zapata landed several back and Anzai took him down but  Zapata right back up.  Anzai took him down again even with Zapata grabbing the cage.  Anzai got his back now.  Zapata got back up and trying for a takedown himself.  Anzai 20-18.

Third round:  Anzai with a nice right.  They called a time out.  Zapata hurt his finger.  He didn’t want the doctor to look at it.  You’re not supposed to stop the fight due to an injury for a time out.  The ref realized it and he had to stop the fight since he can’t call a time out.


First round:   Johnson landed a right.  Johnson landed a left.  High kick by Johnson.  Johnson hurt him with a right and a high kick.  Kotani went for a takedown  but couldn’t get it.  Spin kick by Johnson.  Johnson 10-9.

Second round:   Kotani with a body kick.  Body kick by Johnson.  Johnson dropped him with a right.  Johnson landing punches from the top.  He’s landing several good shots from the top.  Kotani got back to his feet.  Crowd popped for that.  Knee by Johnson dropped Kotani.  Johnson on top landing punches and elbows.  Kotani in real trouble.  Kotani back up.  Johnson staggered him again.  Johnson,  I’d go 10-8, because he had him in trouble twice, so 20-17.

Third round:  Left by Johnson.   Kotani took him down.  Johnson went for the leg from the bottom.   Kotani on top but doing no damage.  Kotani  with punches and working  for a leglock but Johnson out of it.  Kotani shooting for  a takedown but didn’t get it.  Hard right by Johnson at the horn.  Kotani’s round, but Johnson should win 29-27.

Scores:  Johnson 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27.  No  10-8s in round two.

Johnson said that he wanted to fight later this year on the South Korea debut.


First round:  Kasuya threw him down and landed a high kick when Hein got up.  Hein kneed him hard in the groin.  Kasuya is hurt.  Kazuya is laying on his back while it was stopped.  He looks really hurt.  Kasuya finally got up after three plus minutes.  Hein only got a warning.  Left by Hein.  High kick by Kasuya.  Hein landing punches.  Hard left by Kasuya.  Kasuya shot for a takedown but didn’t get it.  Close round, Hein 10-9.

Second round:  Both throwing punches.  Left by Hein.  Hein landed another left.  Kasuya with a left and a high kick.  Left by Hein.  Right by Hein.  Kasuya is the one moving forward by Hein is landing more.  Hein 20-18.

Third round:  Left by Hein.  Right by Kasuya.  Left and right by Hein.  Hein with a low kick.  Takedown by Kasuya and Hein reversed and got back up.  Hein got his eye poked.  Rigth by Hein but a body kick by Kasuya.  Hein 30-27 but I actually could see a home town decision with a close first and third round.

Scores:  30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Hein


First round:  Both throwing punches.  Nakamura dropped him with a left.  Jingliang working for a triangle from the bottom.   Nakamura landing hammer fists on the ground.  Totally boring round.  If we weren’t in Japan people would be booing like crazy.  A stand-up was ordered.  Nakamura landed a right and a knee.  Jingliang  back with punches.  Nakamura 10-9.

Second round:   Both throwing.  Left by Jingliang.  Hard right by Jingliang.  Jingliang landing more.  Jingliang landing a lot more.   Nakamura just standing there.  Right by Jingliang.  Nakamura with a bloody nose.  Jingliang hurting himn with punches and dropped him.  Jigliant working to finish him.  Jingliang with punches on the ground.  Trading punches.  Jingliang’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round:  Jingliang still landing.  Nakamura went for a takedown and not even close.  Left by Nakamura.  Jingliang took him down.  Nakamura working for a takedown and didn’t get it.  Nakamura got his back.  Crowd going nuts and finished him with a choke.  Great come from behind win for Nakamura.    



First round:  This is the final of the Road to UFC Japan tournament on Japanese television.  Winner gets  a six figure contract, which doesn’t really mean that much these days.  Hard body kick by Ishihara which was a cheap shot since he went to shake hands it seemed.  Left by Ishihara.  Ishihara landed low kicks.  Good left by Ishihara.  Left by Ishihara.  High kick by Hirota.  Right by Hirota.  Hirota has him pinned against the fence.  Good left by Ishihara.  Left by Hirota.  Nice right by Hirota.  Hard left by Ishihara.  Ishihara dropped him at the end of the round.  10-9 Ishihara.

Second round:  Ishihara with a left.  Now low kicks by Ishihara.  Ishihara dropped him with a left.  Good left by Ishihara.  Hirota landing.  Hirota connected with a right.  Left by Ishihara.  Hirota took him down.  Ishihara back up with no damage.  Spinning punch to the stomach by Ishihara.    Left by Ishihara.  Hirota landed several punches.  This is the best fight so far tonight.  Both landing punches now.  Ishihara 20-18.

Third round:  Ishihara dropped him again with a left.   Knee by Hirota.  Hirota landing punches now.  Hirota hurt him with a right.  Knee by Hirota.  Punches by Hirota and took him down.  Hirota has his back.  Ishihara back up.  Hirota took him down but Ishihara back up.  Knee by Hirota.  Both throwing and Hirota landed a solid punch.  Hirota is working for a takedown.  He gave it up.  Crowd really hot right now as both are swinging.  Hirota’s round, 29-28 for Ishihara.

Scores:   29-28 Ishihara, 29-28 Hirota, 29-29 draw.  Fans booing the decision.


First round:  Brandao dropped him with a right and pounding on him.  He threw him down and a few more punches and it was over.  :28


First round:  Both trading punches.  Mizugaki with a knee from close range.   Body shot and right cross.  Roop back with punches.  Both trading punches.  Mizugaki with a right.  Mizugaki starting to land.  Good round.  10-9 Mizugaki.

Second round:  Mizugaki landing two solid punches.  Roop pressing him against the fence.    Roop with knees.  Mizugaki with punches and a knee and Roop pushed him against the fence.   Roop bleeding from the nose.  20-18 Mizugaki.

Third round:  Roop landed a right.  Roop took him down but Mizugaki immediately back to his feet.  Mizugaki landed a left.  Knee by Mizugaki.  Close round.  Mizugaki 29-28.

Scores:  All three have it 29-28 for Mizugaki.

They have just announced that both Hirota and Ishihara have gotten six figure contracts so they are co-winners of the Road to Japan.


First round:  Body kick by Horiguchi.  Punches and a kick by Horiguchi.  Camus got behind him on a missed spin kick.  Body kick by Horiguchi.  Horiguchi with a body kick.  Horiguchi 10-9.

Second round:  Horiguchi came out fast landing a lot of punches and tried to get his back but Camus out of trouble.  Camus cut under the right eye.  Horiguchi continues to land.  Another flurry by Horiguchi.  Both landing and a body kick by Horiguchi.  Camus landed and Horiguchi bleeding from the nose.  Right by Horiguchi.  Horiguchi 20-18.

Third round:  Body kick by Horiguchi.  Horiguchi landed a series of punches.  Horiguchi got his back standing for a second.  Body kick by Horiguchi.  Knee by Horiguchi.  Body kick by Horiguchi.  Head kick by Horiguchi  Horiguchi trying to finish but Camus back with several punches that landed.  30-27 Horiguchi

Scores:  All three have it 30-27 for Horiguchi.  


First round:  Takedown by Mousasi.  Crowd is into Mousasi.  Mousasi working from the top.  He’s working for an arm triangle.  He’s got full mount.  Hall trying or a leglock but has nothing.  Mousasi moved to side control.  Hall has a Kimura.  Mousasi pulled out of it.  Mousasi has his back and throwing punches.  Mousasi working for a choke but doesn’t have it.  Crowd liked this round.  10-9 Mousasi.  

Second round:  Great spin kick landed right to the face on Mousasi and a hard knee.  He’s landing punches and Mousasi  is  in a lot of trouble.  Hall landing punches and Mousasi  is in a lot of trouble.  Hall with a ton of punches and it was stopped.  Big upset.  Crowd going nuts.  


First round:  Barnett got a big pop.  Barnett landed  a kick.  Nelson took Barnett down.  Ref Steve Perceval ordered a standup.  Barnett with a knee.  Barnett with more knees.  Nelson landed to the body.  Anohter knee by Barnett.  Nelson didn’t get a takedown.  Barnett landing to the body.  Barnet landing from the clinch.  Nelson got a second takedown.  Nelson landed a few punches from the top.  10-9 Nelson.

Second round:   Nelson landed the right.  Nelson started  to land.  Low kick by Barnett but two uppercuts by Nelson.  Barnett landed a right and an uppercut.  Both traded punches.  Knee by Barnett.  Barnett  landing big punches and a knee.  Barnett landed several punches and a knee.  Elbows by Barnett.  Barnett with several knees.  Hard knee by  Barnett.   Uppercut and knees by Barnett.  Elbow and knee by Barnett.  Great head kick by Nelson.  Barnett back with punches.  More punches by Barnett.  Knees and uppercuts by Barnett.  Barnett stomping on his foot.  Barnett’s round 19-19.

Round three:   Uppercut by Barnett.  Nelson trying for a bodylock takedown.  Nelson throwing knees to the thigh.  Ref ordered a break.  Barnett moved in and landed  but both ended up by the fence.  Barnett with uppercuts,.  Barnett with knees.  Barnett landing.  Nelson landed and trying for a takedown and Barnett defending it.  Nelson tried for a takedown but Barnett blocked it.  The ref broke them up again.  Body kick and knee by Barnett, Nelson with a body shot.  Very close round.  Barnett 29-28.

Round four:   Elbow by Barnett.  Knees by Barnett and a punch.  Nelson got him down but Barnett right up.   Elbow by Barnett.  Knee and punches by Barnett.  Barnett with a lot of punches, knees and elbows.   Nelson seems in trouble. Nelson is taking them.  Hard elbow by Barnett.  Knee by Barnett.  Hard elbow by Barnett.  Elbow and backfist by Nelson with a takedown and Nelson has his back.  Barnett back up.  Another break called.  Barnett landing punches and knees.  These two aer exhausted.  Knee to the body by Barnett.  Barnett 39-37.

Fifth round:   Barnett with spinning back kick.  Body kick by Nelson.  Barnett moved and landed more punches.  Knee by Barnett.  Barnett landing all kinds of punches.  Elbow by Barnett.  Knee by Barnett.  Elbow by Barnett.  Elbow by Nelson.  Knee by Barnett.  Taekdown by Nelson.  Nelson punching the body.  Barnett back up.  Uppercut by Barnett.  The ref ordered a break.  Nelson with a body shot and punch. Barnett kicked the body.   Nelson landed punches.  Barnett with a body kick.  Very close round.  Nelson’s round so I’ve got 48-47 Barnett.  Could go the other way easily.

Scores:   48-47, 48-47 and 50-45 Barnett.

Barnett said it proves pro wrestling is strong.  He said his clinch work wasn't good enough, nothing he did was good enough but it was a good staring point.  Barnett did his interview in Japanese.  He said he loves this country.  He called Nelson over.  He put over Roy Nelson.  He said Roy fights like a warrior and he gave Roy everything he had and Roy took it.