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UFC Fight Night 96 Portland live results: John Lineker vs. John Dodson

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Welcome to's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 96: Lineker vs. Dodson, eminating from the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon.

The event is headlined by a five-round bantamweight bout as third-ranked John Lineker takes on tenth-ranked John Dodson.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 7:15 PM eastern time with preliminary action all the way thru the main card.

Some additional coverage:
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> Kelly Faszholz (3-1, 0-1 UFC) vs. Ketlen Vieira (6-0, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

R1- They clinched early and both were landing. Faszholz rocked Vieira with a right hand and forced her up against the fence. Vieira got a judo takedown into the full guard. Vieira was in control in the full guard as Faszholz was trying to sweep from the bottom. She landed from the top as the round ended with Vieira on top. 10-9 Vieira.

R2- Vieira got an early takedown into the full guard of Faszholz. Vieira was landing from the top and Faszholz was unable to do anything to get up. There was a questionable standup by Dan Miragliotta. Vieira scored another takedown off a body kick attempt from Faszholz. They were stood back up quickly after little action. They traded to end the round. 10-9 Vieria, 20-18 Vieira.

R3- Faszholz came out strong landing a lot of punches as it is clear she is down two rounds. Faszholz landed some hard punches and got in the clinch. Faszholz landed more punches after they broke the clinch. Faszholz is landing at will and Vieira doesn't have much in response. Both women are tired. Vieira then got a big slam and tried to go into guard but Faszholz was landing from the bottom. Vieira was working for a submission but let it go to land some punches. Vieria didn't do much and was just holding on. 10-9 Faszholz, 29-28 Vieira.

Official Result- Ketlen Vieira def. Kelly Faszholz by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Instant Analysis- The scorecard for Kelly Faszholz is a bad one. Both women clearly need more seasonsing. Ketlen Vieira got some big takedowns in the first two rounds but really slowed down in the third round. She did enough to get the win and keep her undefeated record. Faszholz didn't do much in the first two rounds but came on strong in the third. That's the second straight fight she's done that and it has cost her both times. She only has five career fights, but she likely finds herself back in regional action for her next bout.

> Cody East (12-2, 0-1 UFC) vs. Curtis Blaydes (5-1, 0-1 UFC)

R1- They came out swinging early. East got a brief takedown. Blaydes got a takedown and landed some big punches. They got to their feet and traded some big punches but Blaydes got a takedown and was landing from the top. They got up and East with a takedown for a moment but they got to their feet. Blaydes got a real sloppy takedown. Blaydes was landing from the top and a very bad stand-up was ordered. That was awful. East rocked Blaydes late and scored a takedown. 10-9 East.

R2- They traded big right hands. Blaydes got a huge takedown after rocking East. Blaydes was landing elbows and cut East open. Big elbows from Blaydes and the referee waves the fight off. Big TKO win for Blaydes.

Official Result- Curtis Blaydes def. Cody East by TKO (elbows) at 2:02 of Round 2

Instant Analysis- This was your typical sloppy heavyweight fight, but it had some action to it. Curtis Blaydes landed the bigger punches and was more dominant in the fight despite Cody East arguably winning the first round. Blaydes came out strong in the second and it showed with the finish. He is low-level but has had two fun fights in the UFC. Cody East is another fighter from "Lookin For A Fight" and he is now a disappointing 0-2 in the UFC. He hasn't shown he is ready for the UFC and I wouldn't be surprised if he is cut from the roster.

> Jonathan Wilson (7-1, 1-1 UFC) vs. Ion Cutelaba (11-2 1 NC, 0-1 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

R1- They traded punches and Cutelaba had Wilson in trouble. Wilson slowed the pace with a clinch. Cutelaba landed some big punches and elbows. Wilson landed a left hand. They were both landing big punches with Cutelaba landing harder. Wilson landed his left hand. Cutelaba landed some more hard punches at the end of the round. 10-9 Cutelaba.

R2- Cutelaba landed a big kick low right at the start. Wilson took the entire five minutes to get ready to fight but he continued on. Cutelaba landed some kicks. They trade punches. Cutelaba with a lot of offense but Wilson was taking those shots. Cutelaba is bleeding from the nose. They are both landing hard punches. Cutelaba landing the cleaner punches but he is slowing down. Wilson defended a takedown. Wilson came on strong in the end. 10-9 Cutelaba, 20-18 Cutelaba.

R3- Wilson appears to be the fresher fighter at the start of the third. Wilson is stalking Cutelaba down but Cutelaba landed a solid punch. Wilson landed a solid head kick. Cutelaba poked Wilson in the eye and Cutelaba took advantage as Herb Dean missed it. Cutelaba lands some punches. Wilson with another high kick. Cutelaba pressing forward more and both are landing. Cutelaba lands and Wilson runs out of trouble. Cutelaba lands more at the end. Fun fight. 10-9 Cutelaba, 30-27 Cutelaba.

Official Result- Ion Cutelaba def. Jonathan Wilson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Instant Analysis- This was a fun fight between low-level 205-pound fighters. Ion Cutelaba showed a lot of promise, and he is a young prospect at 22-years-old. With help from a bigger camp, he has a real shot at becoming a name in the division. Jonathan Wilson is now 1-2 in the UFC but had a decent showing in a loss. He should get another chance in the UFC as he is an entertaining fighter.

> Nate Marquardt (34-16-2, 12-9 UFC) vs. Tamdan McCrory (14-4, 4-4 UFC)

R1- They were trading early. Neither was able to land except for Marquardt landing some leg kicks. Marquardt landed a takedown into the full guard. McCrory was looking for a choke from the bottom but Marquardt was defending from the top. Marquardt with elbows from the top. 10-9 Marquardt.

R2- They were trading on the feet as the pace has slowed. Marquardt with a body kick. He is landing the jab both to the head and body. McCrory landed a big combo ending with a body kick. Marquardt scored a takedown. Marquardt in the guard but McCrory controlling his posture well. Marquardt unable to do much from the top. McCrory looking to throw his legs up. They are stood up by the referee. Marquardt lands a big head kick and McCrory goes down and the fight is over! Knockout win by Marquardt.

Official Result- Nate Marquardt def. Tamdan McCrory by knockout (head kick) at 4:44 of Round 2

Instant Analysis- This was a slow but methodical fight by both men. Nate Marquardt got the win with a beautiful combo ending with a head kick in a close fight. He has had his ups-and-downs lately, but this is a big win for him and he will continue his UFC career. Tamdan McCrory has now lost two straight fights by knockout, but he is still a solid middleweight. He will likely get another fight in this UFC stint, but his back will be against the wall. He is an excellent ground fighter and held Marquardt down but his stand-up didn't pan out this fight.


> Keita Nakamura (32-7-2 1 NC, 3-4 UFC) vs. Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos (15-5, 1-1 UFC)

R1- Dos Santos with a head kick right away and Nakamura gets a takedown. Dos Santos got to his feet as he had wrist control. Nakamura takes the back of Dos Santos. Nakamura working for the choke but Dos Santos escapes but Nakamura retained control on the ground. Nakamura is very crafty on the mat and constantly hunting for chokes. They get to their feet and Dos Santos escapes and starts landing strikes. They trade punches and Dos Santos with some late kicks and a big right hand. 10-9 Nakamura.

R2- Dos Santos comes out firing punches and kicks. They trade punches and Dos Santos lands a nice right hand. Dos Santos with a heavy leg kick but misses a big right hand. Nakamura gets a takedown and has the back of Dos Santos looking for the choke. Dos Santos escapes but Nakamura still has the back. They get to their feet and Dos Santos lands on the break. Dos Santos is hurting Nakamura with punches. Nakamura lands some jabs. 10-9 Nakamura, 20-18 Nakamura.

R3- Dos Santos lands some solid punches. Dos Santos is getting the better of the striking battle. They trade body kicks. Nakamura gets a takedown into half-guard. Nakamura transitions to mount but Dos Santos scrambles out and lands a big suplex and is looking for the arm-triangle. Nakamura in trouble but he rolls out and gives up his back. Nakamura scrambles but Dos Santos looking for a Peruvian necktie. Nakamura scrambles out and grabs the back and is looking for a choke against the fence. Dos Santos survives the position and scrambles out and lands big punches to end the round. Fun fight. 10-9 Dos Santos, 29-28 Nakamura.

Official Result- Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos def. Keita Nakamura by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Instant Analysis- A very good fight, and a very close one. Keita Nakamura showed his skill on the mat with his takedowns and transitions and looks for chokes, but he was unable to get them locked in. He didn't have the striking to match Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos. Dos Santos showed excellent striking and some good ground work, and he is a very good up-and-coming fighter. This is a good fight to see if you missed this card. While I had it for Nakamura, the second round was close and easily could have gone for either fighter. The decision was not bad at all.

> Shamil Abdurakhimov (16-3, 1-1 UFC) vs. Walt Harris (8-4, 1-3 UFC)

R1- Abdurakhimov got a takedown off a kick from Harris and into side control. They get up. Harris with a front kick. Harris with a knee in the clinch. Harris with a big knee to the face on the break of a clinch. They trade kicks and Harris goes for a high kick. Abdurakhimov lands a flush right hand. They trade punches. Abdurakhimov is cut on the back of his head but lands a spinning back fist. 10-9 Abdurakhimov.

R2- Neither man can find an opening. Abdurakhimov slips on a spinning back fist attempt and Harris gets into side control looking for a choke. He escapes and they scramble up and Harris lands a knee right as they got up. They trade punches but neither landing with power. Abdurakhimov lands the spinning back fist. Harris with a leg kick and lands a left hand. Harris with a body kick. 10-9 Harris, 19-19.

R3- Harris with a high kick. Harris lands a jab. They trade punches. Abdurakhimov lands a right hand. This has become a very boring fight. Not much is happening. Harris stuffs a takedown. They keep trading punches but neither landing with power. This is an even fight. Crowd booing. They clinch. Harris with a big knee. Thankfully this fight is over. Close. 10-9 Harris, 29-28 Harris.

Official Result- Shamil Abdurakhimov def. Walt Harris by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Instant Analysis- This fight was terrible. Not much more can be said. Neither man did anything to definitively win the fight. It could've gone either way so not a bad decision. I think Walt Harris should be cut after this loss. I'm not spending any more time on this fight.

> Hacran Dias (#12, 23-4-1, 3-3 UFC) vs. Andre Fili (15-4, 3-3 UFC)

R1- Dias missed weight for this fight. Fili lands a left hand. Fili lands some left hands. Dias goes for a takedown but it is defended. Fili knocks Dias down with a left hand and is swarming for the finish. Lots of punches from Fili but Dias survives. Dias goes for a takedown and has Fili pinned against the fence. Fili almost had the fight finished. Dias gets a takedown and is in side control. Fili escapes from the bottom. Fili lands a left hand again. Dias unable to land his punches. Fili with the clinch and lands a knee. 10-9 Fili.

R2- Dias lands some punches. Dias with the body lock looking for the takedown and he gets it. Dias looking to advance as he is in half-guard. Dias looking to set up an arm-triangle. Fili scrambles out and they get to their feet. Fili gets a takedown. Dias looking for an armbar but Fili defends it by slamming Dias on his head. Fili with leg kicks while Dias is on the mat. Dias doing nothing to get up. They both get up and are swinging. Dias lands a right hand. They both land. Fili with a late judo throw. Fun round. 10-9 Fili, 20-18 Fili.

R3- Dias goes for a takedown but it is defended. Fili lands a left hand. Dias lands a right hand. Dias with an inside trip and he is in the guard of Fili. Dias not doing much as he almost escapes but goes back into the full guard. Fili scrambles to the top and lands some big elbows and big punches to end the round. Close round. 10-9 Dias, 29-28 Fili.

Official Result- Andre Fili def. Hacran Dias by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Instant Analysis- This was a great performance from Andre Fili. He came in on short notice but showed no ill-effects of that and controlled Hacran Dias on the feet. Both men got takedowns but Fili did more with his and was more crafty on the mat. Hacran Dias missed weight and it's hard to say what effect it had on him. He looked good but was unable to counter anything from Fili, and he didn't do much with the advantages on the mat. The biggest win of Fili's career.

> Henrique da Silva (11-0, 1-0 UFC) vs. Joachim Christensen (13-3, 0-0 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

R1- da Silva with some big leg kicks and a big right hand. They are clinched and da Silva with a big uppercut. Christensen eats a body kick from da Silva. da Silva drops Christensen and lands a leg kick on the ground before Christensen ordered up. da Silva with some big knees and kicks to the body. Christensen pins da Silva against the fence. 10-9 da Silva.

R2- Christensen comes out with some punches and has da Silva in trouble. da Silva comes back with his own flurry. Christensen drops da Silva with a knee and is in the guard looking to finish. Both men look very tired. Christensen looking to set up a choke while landing short punches. da Silva reverses and is in side control and looking to move to the mount. da Silva with big punches and Christensen gives up his back. da Silva gets the armbar and Christensen taps! da Silva with the submission win.

Official Result- Henrique da Silva def. Joachim Christensen by submission (armbar) at 4:43 of Round 2

Instant Analysis- Solid win for Henrique da Silva. He was in bad trouble in the second round but weathered the storm and made a quick transition to the armbar and submitted a jiu-jitsu black belt. He remains undefeated and at 22-years-old, he is a really bright prospect at 205 pounds. It was Joachim Christensen's UFC debut and he displayed good heart and came close to finishing, but didn't have that true killer instinct. He is going to need to step it up in his next UFC bout and show more conditioning, avoid making mistakes and that finishing ability.


> Louis Smolka (#9, 11-1, 5-1 UFC) vs. Brandon Moreno (11-3, 0-0 UFC)

R1- Moreno came out firing to the body of Smolka. Smolka with a body kick and Moreno gets a takedown. Smolka landing from the bottom. Smolka rolls out from the bottom and gets a takedown. Moreno locks in a guillotine and it is tight. Wow! Smolka taps out! Moreno with the huge upset victory.

Official Result- Brandon Moreno def. Louis Smolka by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:23 of Round 1

Instant Analysis- This is a huge upset as Brandon Moreno took the fight on short notice. He is on the current season of TUF, ranked as the #16 flyweight in the house, and lost in the first round. Now he has submitted the #9 ranked flyweight and the holder of a four-fight win streak. It is a big night for Moreno who has now made his name in one night. Louis Smolka was on the cusp of a title shot, but with this upset loss, it's going to be a while before he's back in contention. He got caught and paid for it.

> Josh Burkman (28-13 1 NC, 6-8 1 NC UFC) vs. Zak Ottow (13-3, 0-0 UFC)

R1- Ottow took this fight on short notice. Ottow with some leg kicks. Ottow with a combo ending with a leg kick. Burkman with a body kick. Ottow with a low kick that hit below the belt and we have a break. Ottow lands a right hand. Neither man able to get the better of the other. Two more right hands from Ottow. Ottow lands a right hand followed by an elbow. Ottow with a leg kick. 10-9 Ottow.

R2- Ottow attacking with kicks. They trade with leg kicks. Neither man doing much to the other. Burkman with a body kick and a right hand. Ottow just misses a high kick. Ottow with a body kick. Burkman lands some punches but Ottow with a leg kick. Ottow lands a nice combo but Burkman lands a counter right hand. Burkman with a body kick. Another close round. 10-9 Ottow, 20-18 Ottow.

R3- The pace is very slow. Both men are just winging punches that aren't landing and seem content to just land leg kicks. The fans are booing. Ottow lands a combo. Ottow stuns Burkman with a right hand. Ottow is landing short punches. Burkman with a clinch and some soft knees. Burkman gets a takedown with just over a minute left. Ottow slides out from the bottom and they get to their feet. Burkman with a left hand. They trade strikes. Ottow with a late takedown and gets the neck late but the fight ends. 10-9 Burkman, 29-28 Ottow.

Official Result- Zak Ottow def. Josh Burkman by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Instant Analysis- This was a very boring fight. Both men seemed tentative and neither man could get much offense going. All rounds were close which made any score a justifiable one. Josh Burkman has been very disappointing in this UFC stint, and it's clear he has lost a step. It's very likely he will be cut after this performance. Zak Ottow had a workmanlike performance on short notice, but nothing overly impressive. While he got the win, he'll need to have a much better showing in his next fight if he's going to sustain a UFC future.

> Will Brooks (#11, 19-1, 1-0 UFC) vs. Alex Oliveira (15-3-1 1 NC, 4-2 UFC)

R1- Oliveira missed weight by 5.5 pounds. Both men with leg kicks. They trade knees in the clinch. Oliveira working hard for a takedown. Brooks defending the takedown attempts against the fence. Brooks with a knee to the body. Brooks scores a big takedown against the fence. They get to their feet. Oliveira still working hard for a takedown. Brooks gets a quick one and lands a knee. They are clinched again. Big elbows from Oliveira and Brooks gets a takedown. Oliveira has a choke but not enough time. 10-9 Brooks.

R2- Oliveira with a front kick. Brooks gets a takedown and goes right into mount. Brooks with some ground-and-pound. Oliveira gives up the back and Brooks is looking for a standing choke. They stand and Oliveira with some knees. Oliveira with a takedown. Brooks gets right back up. Oliveira with a takedown and lands some elbows. Brooks rolls out back to his feet. Brooks with a throw and now has the back of Oliveira again. Brooks looking for the standing rear-naked choke. Oliveira shakes him off. Oliveira with some elbows. 10-9 Brooks, 20-18 Brooks.

R3- Brooks with some leg kicks. Oliveira lands a right hand and Brooks stumbles down and they clinch back up. They fall to the mat and Oliveira in the half-guard. Brooks popped a rib in the first round and he is in a lot of pain. Oliveira with a couple of knees. Oliveira gets a takedown. Oliveira with some elbows from the top and punches to the body. Oliveira looking for the finish and he gets it with a lot of punches as Herb Dean steps in.

Official Result- Alex Oliveira def. Will Brooks by TKO (punches) at 3:30 of Round 3

Instant Analysis- There will be an asterisk by this win for Alex Oliveira. He missed weight by a huge amount so he had the size advantage. Will Brooks was clearly hurt after the first round and that altered his strategy. He had a good second round but the rib injury altered his strategy. Alex Oliveira's actions towards Brooks after the fight were very unneeded. Oliveira will likely be headed to the welterweight division as the weight cut is too much for him. Brooks was looking to make a run to the UFC title and this loss will hurt him greatly. A very bad night for him.

> John Lineker (#3, 28-7, 9-2 UFC) vs. John Dodson (#10, 18-7, 7-2 UFC)

R1- Lineker missed weight by 1/2 a pound. Both men trade leg kicks. They trade leg kicks again. Dodson with a body kick. Dodson just misses a left hand. Lineker lands a right hand. Dodson with a head kick. Lineker with a body kick and a left hook. Dodson with a quick trip takedown but Lineker back up. Dodson with a front kick. Lineker with a flying knee followed by a right hand. 10-9 Dodson.

R2- Lineker with some leg kicks. Dodson doing a great job of circling out of danger. Dodson lands a couple of left hands. Dodson lands a straight left hand. Lineker with some taunting about Dodson running around the Octagon. Lineker lands some punches. Dodson knees Lineker low and he is in a lot of pain. They get back to action and both men land punches. They are throwing now and Lineker lands a hard left hand. They trade again and Lineker lands a big left hook. Dodson still running around the Octagon. 10-9 Lineker, 19-19.

R3- They trade. Lineker misses a big left hand. They exchange a huge flurry. That was amazing. Lineker with a combo to the body. Dodson still running around the Octagon. Lineker with a head kick. Lineker stuns Dodson with a right hand. Lineker eats a head kick from Dodson. Lineker presses forward with some punches. Dodson circles away. Lineker lands a right hand. Lineker thinks about a choke. Dodson with a head kick. 10-9 Lineker, 29-28 Lineker.

R4- They are throwing and both men stun the other. Dodson lands a left hand. He lands another. Lineker lands a left hook. Crowd starting to boo mainly because of Dodson running around the Octagon. They are throwing punches. Lineker hurts Dodson and Dodson starts to run away and the fans are booing Dodson something fierce. Lineker with punches to the body and Dodson is hurt. Dodson with a body kick but Lineker counters with body punches. 10-9 Lineker, 39-37 Lineker.

R5- Dodson lands a left hand. Superman punch from Dodson. Lineker lands a right hand followed by a knee. Dodson lands a left hand. Lineker lands a left hand. Dodson with a high kick. They trade front kicks to the body. Dodson lands a left hand. They trade punches. Lineker lands a couple of left hooks. Dodson circles out of trouble. Dodson lands a left hand. Dodson stuns Lineker with a punch. Dodson with a front kick and an uppercut. They trade punches. Dodson gets a takedown and takes the back. Lineker walks to the fence. Dodson lets go of position. Dodson with a head kick. Lineker to the body late. 10-9 Dodson, 48-47 Lineker.

Official Result- John Lineker def. John Dodson by split decision (47-48, 48-47, 48-47)

Instant Analysis- This was a great fight with a lot of fireworks. John Dodson had a clear strategy and he used it, but it may have also cost him the fight as he was constantly running around the Octagon. It was a smart strategy as John Lineker was lighting him up whenever they engaged. It cost him the fight, though. Lineker remains undefeated since moving up in weight classes, but missing weight for this fight likely cost him a chance at fighting for the title. If he doesn't get a title shot next, a fight with T.J. Dillashaw to determine the next contender, assuming Dominick Cruz is fighting Cody Garbrandt, would be an excellent next move for him. For Dodson, it is his first UFC loss to someone not named Demetrious Johnson. He can still be a contender at 135 pounds, but he may have to tweak his style as the constant running around the Octagon won't benefit him as much at 135 pounds.