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UFC Fight Night Japan: Peach Machine's True Ten Scoring System

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In a follow up to last weeks Bellator show, I have no update on the alleged scoring change that was put in place by the California State Athletic Commission.  Supposedly the new rule will give judges a means to give more 10-8s, i.e. judges are instructed to give more 10-8s.  I have no idea what this means, since they are already allowed to do this already.

For some background, I started/create what I call a True Ten system -- an attempt to bring a different type of scoring to MMA.

Bonus Match:

TUF Tournament Show:  Aired Wednesday 9/23/15 Gruetzemacher vs. Sharma

I happened to watch The Ultimate Fighter this week and figured I’d give it a scoring.  Usually these are two round affairs that only go to a third if the fighters split the first two.  This was one of those splits.  I can only assume these fights are judged by commission judges in the same way as regular fights.  These decisions are kept pretty closely under wraps since they are taped well in advance of the airing. 

Official Result:  Dana only read the final round scores, and all three had it 10-9 for Gruetzemacher.  I’m assuming all three had it 29-28 Gruetzemacher. 

- Classic Ten:  Rd 1) 10-9 Sharma  Rd 2) 10-9 Gruetzemacher  Rd 3) 10-9 Gruetzemacher 

Result 29-28 Gruetzemacher

- True Ten:  Rd 1) 10-9 Sharma  Rd 2) 10-8 Gruetzemacher Rd 3) 10-6 Gruetzemacher

Result:  Gruetzemacher 29-24

- Weighted:  Rd 1) Sharma+1  Rd 2) Gruetzemacher+2  Rd 3) Gruetzemacher+3

Result:  5-1 Gruetzemacher

- Pride:  Gruetzemacher


This should have ended after the second round.  Everyone saw that the third round was going to be a one sided whipping, and it was.  If the refs had used the True Ten system, the third round would not have been necessary.  Instead, Sharma had to take five more minutes of a beating.  This must have been taped before the “rule change” and probably took place in Nevada anyway. 


We’ve completed five shows now, and before we get into the sixth part of this series, let’s take a look at some stats to see what this experiment has uncovered.

- Total Official Decisions:  17 (by show 4,3,3,3,4)

- Unanimous:  13 (by show 4,2,2,3,2)

- Split:  2 (by show 1,1,0,0,0)

- Other:  2 (0,0,0,0,2 on Bellator: 1 two round match, 1 Majority Decision)

- Different Outcomes Using True Ten:  0 (0,0,0,0,0)

So far, the True Ten Scoring System has not changed any outcomes.  However, we’ve learned a lot about scoring as a whole.  The system has definitely created wider margins of victory, but does that matter?  I thought we would see a lot more draws than we have, but alas. 


For future True Tens, there will no longer be a category for the Pride Scoring System, or the Weighted Round System.  I believe it was too big of an endeavor to try and examine multiple new systems at once.  So for the remaining shows, I will only present the official result, my result using the same criteria as the current judges called Classic Ten, and the system we have been examining the whole time called True Ten. 

On with the show:

UFC Fight Night 75:  Josh Barnett vs. Roy Nelson


- Official Result: 29-28 Ishihara, 29-28 Hirota, and 29-29 Draw

- Result: Split Draw (Draw)

- Classic Ten:  Rd 1) 10-9 Ishihara  Rd 2)  10-9 Hirota  Rd 3) Hirota 10-9

- Result:  29-28 Hirota

- True Ten:  Rd 1) 10-8  Ishihara  Rd 2) 10-9 Hirota  Rd 3) Hirota 10-9

- Result:  DRAW 28-28


This was the end of the Road to Japan tournament.  I did not watch a single match of the tournament.  I feel like Hirota won the match, but according to my True Ten score, it was a draw, and ironically, it was scored a split draw.  Pretty crazy, especially since one judge scored it 29-29 meaning he must have scored either two 10-8s or two 10-10s. Both fighters received a 6-figure contract.  I hope two of those figures are on the other side of the decimal point. 


- Official Result:  Mizugaki x 3 29-28

- Classic Ten:  Rd 1) 10-9 Mizugaki  Rd 2) 10-9 Mizugaki  Rd 3)  Mizugaki 10-9

- Result:  30-27 Mizugaki

- True Ten:  Rd 1) 10-9 Mizugaki  Rd 2) 10-9 Mizugaki  Rd 3) Mizugaki 10-8

- Result:  30-26 Mizugaki


Mizugaki won but he dominated the end and that’s where I think it really counts.


- Official Result:  30-27 x 3 for Horiguchi

- Classic Ten:  Rd 1) 10-9 Horiguchi  Rd 2) 10-9 Horiguchi  Rd 3) 10-9 Horiguchi

- Result:  30-27 Horiguchi

 -True Ten:  Rd 1) 10-9 Horiguchi  Rd 2) 10-9 Horiguchi  Rd 3) 10-9 Horiguchi

- Result: 30-27 Horiguchi


I didn’t give Horiguchi any rounds a 10-8 because I think he squeaked out all three.   


- Official Result:  48-47, 48-47 and  50-45 for the winner by Unanimous Decision: Barnett

- Classic Ten:  Rd 1) 10-9 Barnett  Rd 2) 10-8 Barnett  Rd 3)  10-9 Nelson  Rd 4) 10-9 Barnett  Rd 5) 10-9 Barnett

- Result: 49-46 Barnett

- True Ten:  Rd 1) 10-8 Barnett  Rd 2) 10-7 Barnett  Rd 3) 10-10 Draw  Rd 4) 10-8 Barnett  Rd 5) 10-9 Barnett

- Result:  50-42 Barnett


This was a WAR!  A great main event that really needed the True Ten scoring system to accurately score this match.  Barnett clearly won the fight, and regardless of the scoring system, the right man won.

Final Analysis: 

This was a great show with a hell of a fight in the main event.  Again, my scoring system did not change an outcome, but it made the winning differential bigger in a few of the decisions.  So far, my choice for a scoring system would be just to decide a round winner and not declare points.