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UFC On FOX 15: Machida vs. Rockhold live results and coverage

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC On FOX 15: Machida vs. Rockhold from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The main card airs live on the FOX network, with four additional preliminary bouts also airing on FOX, and three preliminary bouts airing on UFC Fight Pass. We have a preview of the show HERE and weigh-in results HERE. We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, a thumbs down, or a thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst fight to" target="_blank">


Middleweights: Eddie Gordon vs. Chris Dempsey

First round:  Both trading punches.  Gordon got the best shot in.  Dempsey tried for a takedown and was blocked.  Gordon landed a good right.  Dempsey went for a takedown, but Gordon sprawled.  Dempsey landed a left.  Dempsey now landing but couldn't get the takedown.  Dempsey has a clinch  and throwing a knee.  Dempsey with body punches.  Right and left by Gordon.  Gordon landing more punches.  Hard right by Gordon.  Nice left by Dempsey.  Dempsey can’t get the takedown.  10-9 Gordon.

Second round: Gordon landing.  Dempsey now landing a nice series of punches.  Gordon took him down.  He’s in side control.  Dempsey back up.  Dempsey landing.  Nice right by Gordon.  Dempsey landed some punches.  Both traded.  Both are looking tired.  Dempsey got a takedown late.  Dempsey throwing body punches on the ground as the round ended.  Close round, could go either way, I’ve got Dempsey so 19-19.

Third round: Gordon took him down.  He moved to side control.  Dempsey with punches.  Dempsey landed nice left hook but Gordon with a shot.  Dempsey landing better right now.  Dempsey tried a takedown and didn’t get it.  Gordon with a right.  Gordon took him down.  Dempsey back up before taking damage.  Gordon with a right but Dempsey back but Gordon blocked the takedown.  Dempsey got the takedown.  Gordon back up.  Dempsey with another takedown.  Dempsey is in side control.  I have Dempsey winning in the last 30 seconds, 29-28, but this could go either way.

Scores: 29-28 Dempsey 29-28 Gordon 29-28 Dempsey

Featherweights: Diego Brandao vs. Jimy Hettes

First round: Hettes took him down.  Brandao throwing hard rights from close range.  Brandao took him down but Hettes right back up.  Another takedown by Brandao and he has his back working for a choke.  Brandao now has a arm triangle.  Brandao gave it up and has his back. .  Now he ‘s on top in side control.  Hettes tried a trip but didn’t get it.  Another takedown by Brandao.  Brandao landing elbow s and Hettes reversed to the top.  Brandao trying for a heel hook but Hettes to his feet.  Hettes bleeding badly from the left ear.  It’s sick.  Brandao 10-9

Second round:   They called the fight because of the ear cut.  The cut was from the elbow.  The top of his ear had a nasty cut. 

Welterweights: George Sullivan vs. Tim Means

First round: Means with a knee.  Sullivan with a body kick.  Sullivan with a right.  Means landed an elbow.  Sullivan in with punches and working for a akedown.  Sullivan with punches in the clinch.  Means with a knee and two elbows.  Sullivan with a punch and knee.  Low kick by Means.  Sullivan landing punches. Means with a body kick.  Sullivan 10-9 but close..

Second round: Means moving forward.  Body kick by Sullivan.  Means landed a left.  Left by Sullivan.  Hard left uppercut by Means.  Means with knees.  Means threw him down.  Knees by Means.  Sullivan landed a right.  Punch and knee by Sullivan. Both landing.  Means with a lot of lefts.  Means dropped him with an elbow and is throwing punches and elbows from the top.  Sullivan lasted until the end of the round.  Means’ round solid so 19-19.

Third round: Sullivan really tired going into the third.  Good right by Means.  Means tripped him down.  Means moved into side control.  Means finished him with an arm triangle.


Bantamweights: Takeya Mizugaki vs. Aljamain Sterling

First round: Sterling working for a takedown.  Sterling has him pinned against the fence.  Mizugaki landed some punches.  Sterling got behind him and took him down.  Left and right by terling.  10-9 Sterling.

Second round: Sterling took him down.  Sterling punched him on the break.  Sterling took him down.  Sterling has his back.  Sterling has him in a body triangle looking for a choke.  Sterling 20-18.

Third round: Mizugaki with punches.  Sterling got him down again.  He got his back.  He’s got the body triangle.  He got the submission with the arm triangle.  Dominant win by Sterling over a solid competitor. 

Light Heavyweights: Corey Anderson vs. Gian Villante

First round: Anderson landing a body kick.  Villante landed a few low kicks.  He’s continuing to land low kicks.  Anderson landing good punches now.  Another low kick by Villante.  High kick by Villante.  Another low kick.  Villante in with an uppercut.  Anderson with a body shot Another low kick.  Left by Anderson.  He keeps landing it.  10-9 Villante.

Second round: Villante with a body kick.  Two more low kicks by Villante and another.  He’s just taking him apart with them.  Right by Anderson.  Anderson landed some punches.  Anderson with punches.  Nice left by Villante.  Anderson with a body kick.  Anderson now landing but took another low kick Anderson with a flying knee.  Close round going for Anderson so 19-19 going into round three.

Third round: Anderson with a body and head kick.  Right by Villante.  Left by Villante.  Left by Anderson.  Both landing.  Villante starting to land the low kick again.  Anderson with a left and spinning backfist.  Knee by Anderson.  Another knee by Anderson.  Knee by Anderson.  Left and right by Anderson.  Anderson landing more punches.  Nice left by Villante.  Villante with a right.  Villante landed a right that hurt him and he pulled victory out of possible defeat.  It was a right hook that landed on the temple that did it followed by two more punches.

Light Heavyweights: Ovince Saint Preux vs. Patrick Cummins

 First round: St. Preux shook him with a jab.  Body kick by St. Preux.  He went for a head kick and Cummins took him down.  He took him down a second time and OSP right back up.  Cummins tried a takedown and and going for a front headlock.  Cummins with a knee.  Knee by OSP.  Left by OSP.  Spinning back kick by OSP.  Cummins with a slam takedown and OSP right back up.   Body kick by OSP.  Both traded.  Body kick by OSP.  OSP throwing but missed a few. OSP getting tired.  OSP went for a takedown, Cummins throwing punches while blocking it.  Cummins got tagged and OSP finished him with punches on the ground.   A left uppercut as Cummins was coming forward as the key blow. 

OSP said he wants to be on the 8/8 show in Nashville.

Rashad Evans said he’s hoping to be back September or October.

Lightweights: Jim Miller vs. Beneil Dariush

First round: Miller a big favorite here.  Low kick by Dariush.  Low kick by Miller.  Miller landing punches.  Hard low kick by Dariush.  Knee from the clinch by Dariush.  Knee and left by Dariush and another knee.  Miller grabbed a Kimura and now moved to a triangle.  Dariush is in trouble.  Dariush out of trouble.  Now Dariush working for an arm triangle.  Miller 10-9.

Second round: Dariush working for a takedown.  He got it.  Dariush working for an arm triangle.  Miller reversed and grabbed a guillotine.  Dariush out and back on top.  Dariush moved to mount.  Dariush now has his back with a body triangle.  Dariush back to mount.  He’s working for the arm triangle again.  Dariush with elbows.  Now he’sworking for a choke agian.  Miller tried to flip him over but no dice.  Dariush had his back until the round ended.  We’re even 19-19 after two.

Third round: Dariush has him pinned against the fence.  Dariush took him down.  Fans are booing because Miller is stuck on his back.  Dariush on his back.  He’s working for a choke.  Dariush has to take this 29-28 or possibly 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Dariush


Women's Strawweights: Felice Herrig vs. Paige VanZant

 First round: VanZant with knees.  Both throwing punches.  Hiptoss takedown by Van Zant.  Herrig got her back.  Herrig has the body triangle.  Herrig working for a choke.  VanZant is in trouble.  Herrig went for an armbar, but VanZant power bombed her way out.  VanZant throwing punches.  Herrig tried a takedown but but didn’t get it.  Knee by VanZant.  VanZant landing more punches.  Antoher takedown by VanZant.  VanZant with punches from the top.  VanZant with punches.  VanZant elbowing the thigh.  VanZant tried a heel hook as time ran out.  Crowd liked this.  10-9 VanZant.

Second round:   Herrig moved in with punches but VanZant tied her up.  Now Herrig with knees.  Herrig almost got the takedown but VanZant back up.  VanZant with knees from the clinch.  Elbow by VanZant.  Knee by VanZant.  VanZant tried a takedown.  VanZant on top but VanZant reversed to the top.  VanZant with punches.  Herrig up.  VanZant with punches as Herrig tried for a takedown.  Herrig with a takedown but VanZant reversed to the top.  VanZant in side control.  She’s throwing punches.  VanZant landing punches.  Lots of punches by VanZant.  Herrig went for an armbar.  VanZant out of trouble in North South position.  VanZant landing a lot of punches as the round was ending.  20-18 Van Zant.

Third round: VanZant’s pace is wearing Herrig out.  VanZant tried a takedown but Herrig back up.  Another hiptoss by VanZant.  More punches by VanZant.  Herrig tried a leglock but VanZant still throwing punches.  VanZant is throwing a ridiculous amount of punches in this fight.  Herrig got her back.  Herrig now working for a choke.  VanZant reversed to the top.  VanZant throwing a freaking a ton of punches.  VanZant throwing elbows.  VanZant pounding on her again.  VanZant has to be 10-8 so 30-26 overall.

Scores: 29-27, 30-26 and 30-26.  Crowd loved VanZant.  She landed 228 punches in this fight, which has to be a women’s record.  She started crying before the fight was over.

Featherweights: Cub Swanson vs. Max Holloway

 First round: Holloway starting to land.  Cool kick by wanson.  Holloway landing more.  Swanson’s right eye looks bad already.  Flying knee by Holloway.  Holloway is looking too fast so far.  Body kick by Swanson.  Holloway landing more.  Swanson’s left eye looking bad now as well.  Holloway landing more punches.  High kick landed by Holloway.  Left by Swanson.  Holloway continues to land.  Both throwing punches at the end of the round.  A few punches late.  Holloway 10-9.

Second round: Body kicks by Holloway.  Another body kick by Holloway.  Another body kick by Holloway.  Holloway with a knee and punch.  Holloway just way too fast and taking him apart.  Body kick by Swanson.  Spin kick short by Swanson.  Knee by Holloway.  Head kick by Holloway.  Holloway hurt him with punches and a knee late.  20-18 Holloway. 

Third round: Holloway continuing to land.  Swanson threw a spin kick.  Holloway with a body punch.  Swanson is hurt.  Holloway trying to finish on the ground.  Holloway has his back now.  Hollow with an arm triangle.  Swanson is in real troube.  Holloway gave it up.  He’s in side control now.  Swanson got to this feet.  Holloway landed several punches and Swanson is in trouble.  Holloway grabbed a guillotine.  Swanson tapped out after fighting it.  Swanson couldn’t do anything here.  Swanson fought like a shot fighter.

Middleweights: Ronaldo Souza vs. Chris Camozzi

First round: Body kick and punches by Souza.  Camozzi with a jab and Jacare back with a body kick.  Takedown by Souza.  Souza moved to side control.  Souza working the body.  Souza working for the armbar.  Camozzi tapped verbally.  The key thing here is that Souza just looked super impressive on network TV, and he’s in line for the same shot as Rockhold and Machida. 

A quick note:  There was an incorrect announcement on the VanZant vs. Herrig score.  The score announced 30-27 was actually 29-27, with a first round to Herrig but a 10-8 third for VanZant, so all three judges had the last round 10-8.

Middleweights: Lyoto Machida vs. Luke Rockhold

First round: Left and right by Machida but the right missed.  Big left by Machida.  Rockhold dropped him, more of a slip by Machida, and Rockhold grabbed a guillotine.  He doesn’t have it.  Rockhold let it go.  Machida throwing elbow from his back.  Rockhold with elbows to the body.  Machida up but Rockhold pulled him back down.  Machida tried to scramble but Rockhold held the top position.  Rockhold now has back position and punching.  Knee to the ankle knocked Machida back down.  Rockhold with more punches from the top.  He’s hammering him now.  Rockhold working for a choke with 16 seconds left.  Elbow to the back of the head by Rockhold. 10-8 Rockhold.

Second round: Body kick by Machida.  Machida’s right eye looks bad.  Body kick by Rockhold.  Another body kick by Rockhold.  Body kick by Rockhold.  Machida did land some punches.  Rockhold decked him and Rockhold on is now top.  Rockhold has his back.  He’s working for a choke and he got it.