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UFC: Nick Diaz suspended for five years

By Dave Meltzer,

On Monday, the Nevada Athletic Commission issued a five year suspension to UFC welterweight/middlweight Nick Diaz and fined him $165,000 after a three hour hearing based on his positive test for marijuana on 1/31, the night of his fight with Anderson Silva.

The $165,000 was based on 33 percent of Diaz's $500,000 purse for the fight.

The hearing got contentious between Diaz's lawyer, Lucas Middlebrook, and Pat Lundvall of the commission.  Middlebrook argued that drug tests taken before and after his fight showed Diaz's marijuana levels below the 150ng/ML which is the current commission's threshold for a marijuana positive. The tests would have been above previous levels.  However, a third test showed him at 700ng/ML, or nearly five times allowable levels.

The commission stated the suspension was not as much for this marijuana test failure, but because Diaz had failed tests in Nevada for marijuana in 2007 and 2012, making this a third violation.

Lundvall recommended a lifetime suspension, but the other commissioners suggested five years, which, with Diaz being 32 years old, could end his career.