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UFC: 'The Notorious' Conor McGregor ep. 1 review

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By Jeremy Peeples,

"I get to whoop people for truckloads of cash!" - Conor McGregor starts the first episode off strong and we see him injure his leg in 2013 against Max Halloway. The narrative is told of him making his return in June of 2014 and we see him in training saying that if he isn't successful, then he's done and Irish martial arts will be pushed back 5-10 years.

He's shown getting his knee rubbed down to assess the damage, and determines that he needs rest. His father says that he's confident in his son. A variety of workouts are shown before he goes to Iceland to train in peace. His trainer says he's progressed a lot in six years and wants the team to be known as a top-level team.

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Conor, with a silly little hairstyle walks into "the shack" he's staying in. Conor says he's already done the hard work, so now it's easy to get in the cage. He's gone from the prelims to a main card in only two fights, so talking trash works for him. "If it doesn't involve shutting down the human body... I don't wanna know." He's so great at coming up with wacky little sayings. "I've lost my mind like Vincent Van Gough." "When that gold belt is around my waist, my mother has a new house, and my girlfriend has a new car every day of the week, I'll be happy and die a crazy old man!"

An open workout with a ton of cheering fans is shown. Conor says if he doesn't win, he'll be back for fighting in front of 100 people because he would just be the guy who talked the talk and couldn't back it up. Conor's girlfriend Dee says that she knew things were different when they went to the O2 and he had a crowd cheering for him.

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"Pressure creates diamonds and I'm gonna change my nation!" Conor goes to his hotel and gets a call for an interview. Conor wants a stadium fight and Dee dresses him to look sharper than a tack. Weigh-ins are shown and Conor says he'll take his opponent's head clean off.

Fight day is upon us and Conor's mother says he didn't sleep at all the night before. Conor's sister Erin says that she couldn't sleep all week, while Conor's father says he's penned a poem for the occasion. Fans are shown going nuts before the fight - elated that Conor's brought the UFC home.

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Conor's dad says he was against Conor fighting, but he was ignorant and didn't realize you could be smart and earn a lot of money in a different way. Erin says that they'll be high for the whole weekend after this fight and we get another ad break. McGregor-Brandao is up and the crowd is shown being rabid for just his walkout.

We get clips of the fight while the crowd chants "Ole, Ole, Ole!" and Conor finishes Brandao with a series of punches. Post-fight, Conor says no one can come on this soil and beat him - he's here to take over. Conor goes into the crowd and hugs his fans and his girlfriend. This was equal parts documentary and hype piece, and really sold you on Conor as a star. If you've ever wondered why people go crazy for him, this episode answered that question.

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