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UFC: "The Notorious" Conor McGregor Ep. 6 Review

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By Jeremy Peeples,

The show begins with a quick workout, fight clips, and clips from the previous five episodes of the series. In three days, Conor battles Dennis Siver - and a win sends him into a title fight with Jose Aldo. Conor hops around a bit in his hotel room and sings the song he's got playing on his iPad. He goes to sign over 100 posters and is told he just can't sign on the faces. During an FS1 interview, he says that Siver can't take what he's gonna give him. We see behind the scenes of the interview process, including the locale-specific video wall in the background showing off a cityscape. He says he'll put him away within two days.

He's told by the UFC's site coordinator that he can't take a long list of OTC medications within one week of the fight. If Conor feels unwell, he's instructed to call him and they'll get the doctor in to see him and give him anything that will treat the symptoms, but won't thin his blood out. This is one of those little things that reminds you of what fighters are sacrificing around fight time, because it adds so many steps and takes up the time of multiple people just to solve a simple problem like a headache or allergies.

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Conor's girlfriend fixes his breakfast and he says that he's an animal in the zoo being made to do tricks for the media. All he wants to do is fight and get rich. In the days before the fight, he doesn't see a face to his enemy - just a body mass he has to destroy. He says that Siver can juice if he wants because he can't put that on his chin, and he'll knock him out in two minutes as a result.

He works out in the UFC Gym and does an interview about how much he loves Boston. Dana gets his autograph - and Conor even personalizes it for him. Conor's family arrives two days before the fight and his father says that while it's two below zero out there, having the hottest ticket in town keeps them warm. His father is in this giant wacky blindingly-white sweater and is wearing a gigantic coat indoors.

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They leave and fans wave Ireland flags around the streets before the weigh-in. More fans line up outside and start singing "Walking in a Winter Wonderland", which is definitely not the song Conor was listening to on his iPad earlier. His girlfriend talks about the notes she took for him about his diet throughout the week, so she's not worried about the weigh-in.

Conor and Paddy chat it up backstage before Siver comes in and gets booed at the weigh-ins. Conor gets cheered wildly and everything goes smoothly for each guy. Conor and his girlfriend retire to their hotel for a night of rest. On fight night, Conor's mother says she feels weird on fight night, but isn't scared for him.

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We see clips of Paddy's fight and Conor clapping for him after the win. Fellow teammate Cathal Pendred's fight clips are shown and Conor marks out for him and his win. Conor warms up backstage and Paddy shows up in a sharp suit with someone asking if he's on the way to court. Conor dons his flag and walks out and kicks Siver's ass. We see the bit with him hopping into the crowd with Jose Aldo. Conor takes a photo backstage with his friends and crew and he says it's not time to play - he's here to wipe out the division and he only has one opponent left. At the post-fight presser, he gives Paddy a sip of $20,000 whiskey and he says that he's given Dana and the Fertitas another head to put on their desk.

This mini-series was a fantastic way to introduce newcomers to Conor and show why he's such a fast-rising star. It's easy to think that it's all an act, but he's clearly gotten some of his rap from his father. Him doing Vince McMahon's walk seems to indicate that he's gleamed at least a few things from pro wrestling to make money for his act. If no wrestling company is willing to use classic pro wrestling characters to make money, then at least people in MMA are keeping them alive and well.

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