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UFC reaffirms flyweight title shot for fall TUF...but with a twist

Demetrious Johnson

The UFC announced on Wednesday's UFC Tonight that the format for the 24th season of The Ultimate Fighter will still be a televised tournament for a shot at the flyweight title currently held by Demetrious Johnson.

An interesting twist is that the coaches were announced as Joseph Benavidez and Henry Cejudo, two of the top contenders for the championship that Johnson has already dispatched. In Benavidez's case, Johnson has beaten him twice.

The fighters brought in will be 16 talents from outside the UFC with the idea of them being pushed as flyweight champions from smaller promotions. Benavidez and Cejudo will each have an eight-man team. Another interesting note is that if by some chance, the tournament winner can take the title from Johnson, there is a good chance they would have to face Benavidez or Cejudo.

Johnson will defend his title against the tournament winner on Saturday, December 3rd in Las Vegas, flanked by Benavidez and Cejudo battling in what is essentially a No. 1 contenders fight. This will be an intriguing test promotionally as the public won't know who Johnson is facing until days or a week before the fight. It wasn't noted on the show when Johnson will learn who his opponent is.

The season will start airing on August 31st on Fox Sports One.