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UFC TUF 21 episode 7 results & recap: Coy vs. Luque, ATT tries to stop the slide

TUF 21

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Quick summary: The Blackzilians are now up 150-50 after Marcelo Alfaya lost a majority decision to Jason Jackson.

The American Top Team coaches and Dan Lambert give an impassioned speech to the fighters telling them to start over from scratch and fight like they WANT to win. Dana White tells the viewers that because it's the halfway point of the show the coaches can drop two fighters and replace two. Meanwhile for the Blackzilian team Andrews Nakahara has a 30 day suspension from the state athletic commission following his knockout loss to Hayder Hassan which makes him an easy choice to be replaced.

Alexandre "Pulga" Pimentel is chosen to take Nakahara's place. "This is my opportunity. Nobody can stop me now."

Cristiano "Soldado" Souza is chosen to take Steve Montgomery's place on ATT, who was disqualified from the show due to having a seizure in the TUF house. Dana White is disappointed he didn't make two swaps and only went with the one where his hand was forced by UFC and the athletic commission. "That's his personality though. Those are his guys."

Dan Lambert wants Nathan Coy to take the next fight. Coy: "I'm gonna give these (expletive) hell. Nothing's gonna stop me." Coy talks about how he's wanted this opportunity for a long time. "I have a beautiful wife. I have two great kids. I'm a go-getter. I bust my ass. I lay it on the line every day." Lambert: "He commands respect and if he doesn't get it he's gonna take it."

Meanwhile the Blackzilians are debating about putting Vicente Luque in there next. They actually come to the TUF house to tell him the good news. Luque: "I'm going to show in those ten minutes what I have. I was born in New Jersey but I grew up in Brazil. My father has played rugby all his life, my mother is a black belt in karate. I've been fighting since I was 17. My dream is to be a champion. I'm here to be one of the greatest of all time."

Weigh-in day has arrived for this season's seventh fight. Coy is 170.25, Luque is 170 even. Coy tries to get into his head a little bit during the staredown. Luque says nothing.

* Vicente Luque (Blackzilians) vs. Nathan Coy (American Top Team)

Luque is in the black trunks, Coy the blue. There's a half hour left so the odds are this fight is going to sudden victory. Coy shoots for a single leg almost immediately but doesn't get it and gets his right eye busted open in the process. The ref calls for work as Coy puts Luque on the fence and drops levels. Once again Luque is able to fend it off and land shots to Coy's face. Glenn Robinson is screaming "FINISH HIM" over and over again. Coy makes yet another takedown attempt but Luque's wide stance is hard to beat, at least while he's still fresh. Coy finally manages to throw him to the ground, but Luque lands on his knees and pops up immediately. First round to Luque 10-9.

Coy is fighting like he's a round in the hole. Instead of going for the takedowns he's standing, jabbing, and ducking Luque's strikes. He catches a kick two minutes in and uses Luque being off balance to dump him on his butt, then take him down again. Luque stands up at 2:30 and the fighters are given a warning about grabbing the shorts. They spin back and forth as the ref calls for more work. It's clear Luque is expanding a lot of energy trying to stop these takedowns, and Coy gets another at 3:48. Coy is landing some good strikes as they grind but nearly gives up his back going for another takedown. Luque tries to push off the fence with his feet for a dominant position but can't get it. 10-9 Coy.

Sudden victory round begins with 12 minutes left in the show. It's all about who has more gas left now. Luque lands a couple of good kicks and Coy responds... by going for a takedown. He gets it though at 1:18. Luque gets back up quick. Ref calls for work again. They throw knees and Coy slips to the ground. Luque is going for a choke off it and gets it - Coy taps at 2:26.

The Blackzilians go up 200-50, 6 wins to 1. That's all for TUF this week!