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UFC TUF 21 Finale: Ellenberger vs. Thompson live results and coverage

Welcome to's live coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale: Ellenberger vs. Thompson from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event, headlined by a five-round welterweight bout between Jake Ellenberger and Stephen Thompson, plus the finals of this season of The Ultimate Fighter, airs on FOX Sports 1 at 9 PM eastern time. Preliminary card action kicks off at 6:30 PM eastern time on UFC Fight Pass before moving over to FOX Sports 1 at 7 PM eastern time.

Good luck to everyone today trying to follow last night.

Coverage by Ryan Frederick



ROUND 1- They trade punches to begin. Gates with a series of kicks and Montague lands a body kick. Neither man able to connect on some strikes. Gates lands a right hand. Montague with a leg kick and Gates counters with one of his own. Gates lands a right hand that stuns Montague. Gates sends Montague down and Montague grabs a leg. Gates with a body punch and then knees to the body on the ground. Some more ground and pound from Gates and it is stopped. Gates with the TKO win in the opening round.

Official Result: Willie Gates def. Darrell Montague by TKO (strikes) at 1:36 of Round 1



ROUND 1- Sullivan with a series of leg kicks. They trade an exchange. Waters with a combo. Waters lands another combo. Sullivan counters with his own combo. They trade left hands. Waters lands a left hook. Sullivan with a leg kick. Waters with a body kick. Sullivan lands a solid right hand. Waters rocks Sullivan with a combo against the fence and then transitions with a takedown and goes to the back. They get to their feet. Sullivan with some knees to the body before they break and trade punches. They trade again. Sullivan lands an uppercut and Waters was in trouble and lands a takedown. Sullivan with body punches as they get to their feet and he lands a knee. Sullivan with more knees to the body and lands a big right hand. Waters grabs the back. Waters is cut and Sullivan scores a takedown. Sullivan with elbows from the top. Sullivan ends the round big with ground and pound. 10-9 Sullivan.

ROUND 2- Waters comes out with a spin kick. Sullivan with a leg kick and Waters catches the leg and pushes the fight to the mat and Waters goes into the guard. Sullivan gets to the fence and works to his feet. Sullivan with some knees to the body as they battle for underhooks. Waters pulls guard and Sullivan has him pinned against the cage. Sullivan grabs the arm and is looking for the kimura. Waters escapes. Sullivan moves to mount and lands some big punches. Sullivan goes for the arm again but nothing. Waters is able to escape from being mounted and they get to their feet. Sullivan gets a takedown. Sullivan with a series of punches from the top. Sullivan goes for the arm again. Waters escapes the kimura. Sullivan with more body punches as the round ends. 10-9 Sullivan, 20-18 Sullivan.

ROUND 3- Waters' corner told him it is 1-1. Yeah, right. Waters gets the takedown and takes the back and is looking for the choke. Sullivan escapes. Waters goes for it again as he gets the hooks in. Waters with some body punches as he has the back mount. Waters still is looking for the choke as Sullivan is cut open. Sullivan with backwards punches. Sullivan looks to reverse and has the arm and is looking for an armbar. Waters loses position and Sullivan is now in the guard of Waters. Sullivan with some elbows and punches from the top. Sullivan with more punches to the body from the top as this fight is going to the judges. 10-9 Sullivan, 30-27 Sullivan.

Official Result: George Sullivan def. Dominic Waters by unanimous decision (29-27, 30-25, 29-28)


ROUND 1- Dan Miller is back for the first time since UFC 158 in March 2013. They trade punches to start. Miller lands a solid combination. They trade punches. Miller lands a combo and they clinch and each land uppercuts. Miller with a knee to the body against the fence. They trade knees to the body. They battle for position against the fence. They break. Miller lands a left hand. Smith lands a flush right hand. Miller with a huge leg kick. Miller lands an uppercut and grabs the neck. Miller drops for the guillotine but Smith scrambles out. Smith with punches on the ground. Smith with an elbow. Smith with some hammerfists from the top. Smith lands an elbow to close out the round. 10-9 Smith.

ROUND 2- Miller lands a leg kick. Smith lands a right hand. Smith lands another. They clinch and Smith lands a knee to the body. They trade knees to the body. Miller drops to his back and Smith is on top. Miller looking to throw his legs up. Smith postures up and is landing from the top. Smith with more punches from the top. Miller looks for a leg lock but Smith gets back into half-guard. He is controlling Miller on the ground well. Miller tries to create a scramble but fails at it. Smith lands a big right hand but ate an upkick from Miller. Miller still working for a submission but Smith is able to block and ride the round out on top. 10-9 Smith, 20-18 Smith.

ROUND 3- They trade punches. Smith lands a right hand and a knee to the body. Miller grabs the neck and goes for a choke but Smith easily escapes. Smith with some punches from the top as he tries to transition to side control. Smith gets back into the full guard of Miller. Smith with body punches from the top. More punches from the top. Smith with more punches from the top as he is unable to pass the guard of Miller, but still dominant. Smith with more control from the top as Miller is exhausted. Elbows from the top by Smith. Smith gets to his feet but goes back to half-guard. Smith with elbows from the top and the fight is going to go to the judges. Boring fight. 10-9 Smith, 30-27 Smith.

Official Result: Trevor Smith def. Dan Miller by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-26)


ROUND 1- Sanders with a high kick that was checked. Roane misses a right hand as Sanders drops for a takedown. They scramble down on the mat. Sanders gets the back of Doane. Sanders looking for the choke. Sanders still has the back and the body locked. They get to their feet and clinch against the fence. Doane drags the fight to the mat and they still battle for position. Doane looks to transition to the back. Doane looks to grab the arm. Doane with some punches from the back. Doane transitions to back control and looks for a choke. Doane triangles the body from the back. They are going to end the round on the mat. 10-9 Doane.

ROUND 2- Doane with a body kick and quick combo. Sanders tries for a takedown but it is defended. Doane looks for the neck but Sanders moves to the back as they fall to the mat. Sanders looking for a choke as he has Doane's back. Doane reverses and has top position. Doane with punches from the back. Doane lets go and then lands a big knee and big combination. Sanders goes for a takedown but Doane stuffs it and is teeing off on Sanders. Sanders goes for a single leg but Doane defends and lands some punches. Doane grabs the neck but can't get a choke as Sanders escapes. Sanders takes the back of Doane. Sanders looks for a choke as he has the back. Sanders still has the back as the round ends. 10-9 Sanders, 19-19 after two.

ROUND 3- Sanders comes out with a series of punches. Then, Doane lands a series of punches as Sanders went for a takedown. Doane ends up on top. Doane with more punches from the top. Doane switches to the back and looks to get his arm under the neck. Sanders escapes and spins into the guard of Doane. Sanders transitions to the mount. Doane spins out and scrambles out and they get to their feet and break. Sanders with some kicks. Doane misses a flying knee and Sanders is able to counter with a takedown. Doane grabs the neck and reverses out and they are on the feet. Sanders grabs the neck as they go to the mat and spins to the back. Sanders looks for the choke. Sanders with the back and some under the arm back punches. Sanders still has back control and dominant position. Doane with a back elbow but Sanders lands punches to end the fight. 10-9 Sanders, 29-28 Sanders.

Official Result: Jerrod Sanders def. Russell Doane by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)


ROUND 1- Samman with some kicks to start. Samman with two more leg kicks. Samman with a front kick. Magalhaes lands a big left hook. Samman comes back with a heavy leg kick. Magalhaes lands a right hand. Samman opens up with a body kick and some punches. Samman drops Magalahes to the mat with a leg kick and Samman goes to half-guard. Samman in the full guard. Samman with body punches. Samman pushes Magalhaes to the fence. Magalhaes is bleeding heavily. Samman moves to the back and has the hooks in and the choke. It is in deep and Magalhaes taps out! Samman with the big submission win with the rear-naked choke. Samman tried to shake hands after the fight but Magalhaes spit blood on him and had to be restrained by referee John McCarthy.

Official Result: Josh Samman def. Caio Magalhaes by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:52 of Round 1



ROUND 1- Blanco missed weight for this bout. Blanco with a big head kick and then drops De La Torre with a big right hand. Yves Lavigne quickly steps in to stop the fight as De La Torre was grabbing the leg of Blanco. This fight is over and the crowd is booing and De La Torre is not happy about the apparent quick stoppage. It was an early stoppage but will go down as a win for Blanco.

Official Result: Maximo Blanco def. Mike De La Torre by TKO (punches) at :16 of Round 1


ROUND 1- This is the much-anticipated UFC debut of Waterson. They quickly trade. They clinch against the fence. Waterson with a knee to the body. They trade short knees. Waterson with a judo throw to the ground and into the half-guard of Magana. Waterson into the full guard. Magana works for an armbar. Waterson defends. Magana has the armbar locked in as Waterson is trying to escape. Magana is not letting go. Waterson escapes and continues with punches to the body. They get to the feet and Waterson lands a big knee. Waterson with another judo toss. Waterson easily moves to the mount. Waterson with a big right hand from the top. Waterson moves for an armbar but can't get it in as the round ends with a big punch from Waterson. 10-9 Waterson.

ROUND 2- Waterson with a leg kick and then a right hand. Waterson lands a body kick. Waterson throws Magana down and lets her back up. Waterson lands a right hand. Magana lands a left hand but Waterson lands a right hand back. Waterson with a head kick then some knees to the body. Waterson with a leg kick and Magana catches the leg and they go to the mat with Magana on top. Waterson goes for the armbar and has it stretched out. Magana gets out but Waterson ends up in the mount. Waterson with a big punch from the top. Magana is unable to escape from the bottom. Waterson with a big elbow. Waterson tried to move to side control but gave up her leg to Magana. Waterson scrambles to her feet and then moves to side control and then to mount. Waterson goes for the arm but the round will end. 10-9 Waterson, 20-18 Waterson.

ROUND 3- Waterson with a front kick to the body. Waterson lands a short left and then a head kick. Waterson with a leg kick and then lands a combo. Waterson with a front kick to the face. Waterson with a right hand and then grabs the back and suplexes Magana to the ground. Waterson has the back mount and has Magana flattened out. Waterson with punches from the back. Waterson looks to grab the neck and is looking for the choke. She has it locked in and Magana taps out. Waterson with a win in her debut with the rear-naked choke.

Official Result: Michelle Waterson def. Angela Magana by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:38 of Round 3


ROUND 1- Masvidal originally missed weight but later made it. Ferreira with a body kick. Ferreira lands a straight left and then another body kick. Masvidal with a right hand. Ferreira drops down and scores a takedown. Ferreira moves to the half-guard. Masvidal scrambles out and they're back on the feet. Ferreria with a body kick and they trade punches. Masvidal lands a right hand. Ferreira with a combo and then goes for a takedown. Ferreira with an elbow on the break. They trade strikes and Ferreira pushes Masvidal against the fence looking for a takedown. Masvidal drops Ferreira with a big elbow and then finishes it off with some punches on the ground! Masvidal with the knockout win over Ferreira.

Official Result: Jorge Masvidal def. Cezar Ferreira by TKO (strikes) at 4:22 of Round 1


ROUND 1- Graves represents ATT and Luque represents the Blackzilians but this isn't the finals. Graves lands a quick combo and gets a takedown into side control. Luque gets to his feet against the fence and Graves has the neck. Graves lands a big elbow on the break. They battle against the fence but break. Luque lands a nice combo and a leg kick. Graves drops down and gets a takedown. Graves gets Luque next to the fence and looks to posture up. Graves grabs the neck and lands body punches. Graves lands a knee and then a right hand and a leg kick. Luque lands a combo and then a knee to the body. Graves gets another big takedown as he powers Luque up against the cage. Graves rides the round out on top. 10-9 Graves.

ROUND 2- They quickly go to the mat and Graves scrambles to the top. They get to their feet and Graves lands an illegal knee to the head as Luque had his fingers down on the mat. Graves lands a spin kick. Luque lands a nice combo and stuffs a takedown but they clinch against the fence. Graves lands a knee on the break. Graves grabs the single leg and powers the fight to the mat. They get to their feet but Graves gets another takedown. Graves with big punches from the half-guard. They scramble to the feet and Graves has the front headlock. Graves with more knees and they trade as the round ends. 10-9 Graves, 20-18 Graves.

ROUND 3- They clinch quickly and push against the fence but break. Luque lands a left hand and defends a takedown. Luque has a front headlock and lands some punches. Luque looks to set up a D'arce choke. Graves defends it. Luque lands some knees to the body. Graves trying to escape. Graves tries to scramble but Luque keeps position. They scramble and Graves ends up on top against the fence. They battle against the fence as the fight ends. Nothing round. 10-9 Luque, 29-28 Graves.

Official Result: Michael Graves def. Vicente Luque by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


ROUND 1- This determines which team wins TUF. Usman represents the Blackzilians and Hassan represents ATT. They clinch up quickly. They scramble around and break the clinch. They clinch and Usman lands some knees to the body of Hassan. Usman gets a takedown and into the half-guard. Hassan gives up his back. Usman looks for the hooks. Usman with punches from the back. Usman gets the fight back to the mat. Usman with punches from the top. Usman gets the hooks on the back. Hassan gets out but Usman still has his back. Usman gets the fight back down. Usman looks to set up an arm-triangle. Round ends with Usman landing some elbows. 10-9 Usman.

ROUND 2- They come out swinging and Hassan hurts Usman with an uppercut. Usman recovers and lands a big slam takedown and gets into the mount. Usman looks to set up an arm-triangle choke. He is in a bad position as he can't get perpendicular due to the cage. Usman gets it in tighter and Hassan taps! Usman with the submission win and the Blackzilians take the $300,000 top prize for the season.

Official Result: Kamaru Usman def. Hayder Hassan by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 1:19 of Round 2


ROUND 1- Thompson with a head kick. Thompson with a leg kick. Thompson then lands a straight left hand. Ellenberger drops Thompson with a right hand but Thompson gets back up and they clinch. Thompson pushes the fight against the fence. They trade elbows. They break after trading punches. Thompson with a front side kick right to the face. Ellenberger trips Thompson down but Thompson takes the back and is landing punches from the back. They get up but Thompson slams Ellenberger down. Ellenberger tried to grab the fence. They scramble to the feet. Thompson lands a nice combo that hurts Ellenberger. Thompson drops Ellenberger with a spinning back kick to the face. Thompson then takes side control and Ellenberger scrambles to his feet but is on dazed legs. Thompson then drops Ellenberger with another spin kick to the face and this is over! Ellenberger is out. Thompson with the big knockout win over Ellenberger.

Official Result: Stephen Thompson def. Jake Ellenberger by knockout (strikes) at 4:29 of Round 1