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UFC TUF 22: McGregor vs. Faber episode 8 results & recap

Artem Lobov

It's a whole new season and Conor McGregor is the reason, as he and Urijah Faber go toe to toe as coaching foes on The Ultimate Fighter. They won't duke it out after the season is done, but there's still pride on the line, not to mention Conor's reputation as the newest badass on the block. Join us each episode for "The Notorious Quote of the Week" as Conor puts his mouth where UFC's money is! We'll also spice things up with some predictions for week two about who could go all the way this season - two "Fighters to Watch" for each recap.


There's no Notorious Quote of the Week or Fighters to Watch this week. They crammed two fights into this episode so there really wasn't enough time to glean anything worthwhile from the filler material.

Weigh-ins for Artem Lobov and James Jenkins open the show. Both fighters make weight. Faber predicts the entire fight will be a stand-up war and "a bloody mess." Jenkins wants to "prove his worth and let it all hang out." Lobov says he has the same game plan every single fight: "Hit him as hard as I can, as much as I can."

Lightweights: Artem Lobov (Europe) vs. James Jenkins (USA)

Lobov is in the gray trunks and Jenkins the blue. Jenkins is 8-1 and Lobov is 11-10-1. That means Lobov is more experienced and more vulnerable at the same time. Both fighters get a warning for extended fingers 55 seconds in. Jenkins is trying to push Lobov into the fence and work him over, but that's easier said than done. Lobov keeps his hands low and slams them into his face when Jenkins isn't expecting it. He starts bleeding pretty badly and time is called at 2:44 to check the cuts. Jenkins says he's okay to continue but Lobov keeps creaming him with the left. Lobov lands the kill shot right and pounds it out for a stoppage at4:05. Lobov looks at Dana White: "Did I promise you a good fight? A Russian Irishman always keeps his word!"

Team McGregor takes a 4-3 lead and we quickly move to the next fight announcement. David Teymur (McGregor) vs. Johnny Nunez (Faber) is up next. We don't even see the weigh-in so we can assume both men made weight.

Lightweight: David Teymur (Europe) vs. Johnny Nunez (USA)

For unknown reasons, Conor McGregor doesn't show up for his team for this fight, and Dana White says that after 15 minutes of waiting they had to go ahead.

Teymur is in the gray and Nunez is in the blue. Nunez dives hard for a takedown at 1:03 but it's not there. Nunez is warned about shots to the groin, gets thrown by Teymur, Teymur starts pouring it on on the ground and the ref warns Nunez to fight back. Nunez stands back up after another warning with three minutes left in the round. Teymur is warned multiple times not to grab the fence, the fighters reset, and Nunez rocks Teymur with a shot and dives on top. Now when Teymur gets up, Nunez is getting the takedowns right away. He gets full mount with a minute left. Teymur gets half guard back as Nunez tries to posture up for elbows. A wild first round that could have gone either way.

Case partially completes a takedown at 1:18 of R2 but Teymur scrambles his way to the fence. The ref warns him about kneeing a grounded opponent as Teymur gets back up. Nunez gets another takedown at 1:56. Teymur is warned about shots to the back of the head. Teymur struggles to get off his back and can't. At the three minute mark you can see his mouth wide open, breathing real hard, sucking wind. Nunez does get a warning to stay busy. Teymur gets up at 4:13. He lands a few good body kicks in the final 20 seconds but I've got Nunez winning the round clearly. The first round might have gone to Teymur with the judges though... AND IT DOES. R3 after commercial!

McGregor shows up just in time for the third round. Teymur gets on Nunez right away and he covers up on the ground for the first thirty seconds as the ref warns him to fight back. Nunez gets up at 1:09. The fact Teymur couldn't pound him out shows just how tired he is. Actually they're both gassed. The ref resets them at the center for inactivity at 2:07. Teymur lands a shot, Nunez dives for the legs, and time is slipping away for Nunez. He eats a kick to the head after they both stand up. Another warning to work as they wind up agains the fence.

Teymur gets multiple warnings not to grab the cage. They break with 90 seconds left. Teymur misses with a spinning head kick and Nunez finally gets a takedown at 3:55 right to side control. He takes the back with short time left and transitions to full mount. Both of these guys have come back from seemingly being totally spent and totally out of it. It wasn't a pretty fight but it was a grueling scrap. Did Nunez do enough late to win R3 and the fight?

All three judges score R3 10-9 for a unanimous decision to David Teymur. Team McGregor takes a 5-3 lead.

The final first round fight is Abner Lloveras from Team McGregor and Jason Gonzalez from Team Faber. Join us next week!