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UFC Ultimate Fighter Blackzilians vs. ATT episode 2 recap: The coaches' hatred increases

By Steve Juon,

ATT is trying to rally Michael Graves after his disappointing loss last week. Hayder Hassan wants to be the guy to turn things around and says all of them working together are like soldiers fighting in a war. Dana White says they're not only down 25 points, they're down in confidence, which makes this week's fight super important for morale.

Last week's winner Kamaru Usman is not interested in the psychological tactics going on at the house, and believes Hassan has plenty of holes in his game. Both men continue to discuss in in their team vans on the way to their respective gyms. Usman vows to put Hassan against the fence and foot stomp him so hard he can't even get in his stance to throw a punch.

ATT owner Dan Lambert doesn't want Hassan to go next. He believes Uros Jurisic should go on Friday and the rest of the coaches agree. "We know Uros is young but he's an athletic guy and he goes hard." Jurisic says back home in Slovenia he works as a postman, where his parents don't believe in his dream, but his ATT teammates give him all the motivation he needs.

Next up is the Blackzilian team meeting. Owner Glenn Robinson says Luiz "Buscape" Firmino has 20 fights and a lot of momentum, and brings everybody around to his POV on the choice. "He's got incredible takedowns, incredible takedown defense, (and) it's time to show them who's the better team."

Robinson's right about the momentum - Buscape is on a five fight winning streak including his last two fights - which both took place in the World Series of Fighting. Buscape: "I'm training hard all my life you know? My family live in Brazil you know. I work hard (to) help everybody in Brazil you know? I'm ready for everything you know?" We know.

Usman and Jason Jackson get a little heated in training, but patch things up after the commercial break. All the fighters gather for the weigh-ins, and the two coaches start glaring at each other before the fighters even step up. Jurisic is 170 even, Buscape is as well, so the second fight's on. The coaches line up behind their fighters, and Lambert tells Robinson that the make-up guy could kick his ass. Robinson tells Lambert to go f#%! himself. Lambert: "Is there a private office here? We can discuss it."

Almost every word said by Robinson after the commercial break is bleeped out. ATT's Sabah Homasi says Lambert would destroy him in a fight. Usman says Robinson would rip Lambert's head off. Lambert can't stop talking trash, saying Robinson is the kid in a picture book who picks a booger from his nose and eats it. Finally we move on and see Tyrone Spong training with Buscape to get him ready for the fight (you know) because the Blackzilians have to retain control (you know).

ATT has a team meeting with Jurisic to discuss strategy in the fight with Buscape. Lambert says that Buscape is good at holding people down and grinding, but he doesn't do a lot of damage, whereas Jurisic is bigger and stronger and just won't quit in a fight. "He's gonna desperately try to take you down." Jurisic: "I'll just go give everything and leave my heart in the cage."

Jurisic is in blue trunks and Buscape is in the black. Buscape gets a takedown 20 seconds into R1. He stays in the guard throwing body shots and the occasional hammer fist while Jurisic squirms around trying to get back up. He nearly pushes off with his feet and gets free at 2:10 but Buscape jumps back on before he can get up. The ref calls for more work. Jurisic's left eye is swollen and bloody. He finally scoots his way to the cage but even here Buscape holds him down and hammers him. A one sided 10-9 for Buscape.

R2 is going better for Jurisic for the first 45 seconds - and then Buscape throws him down and has side control. Jurisic is able to escape at 1:18 and is winging wild hooks standing. Buscape tags him a few times and hits a takedown at 1:50. Jurisic gets up again, Buscape takes him down again at 3:36. He's up again at3:50... and back down again. He gets up, Buscape takes him down. This should be easy for the judges to score. Jurisic didn't do much of anything for all ten minutes.

All three judges score it 20-18 for Buscape. The trash talking between the coaches was the real highlight of this week's show. Dana White: "Well, that fight sucked!" See you next week.