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UFC 'Ultimate Fighter' June 24 TV results & recap: ATT attempts to stave off elimination

TUF ATT vs. Blackzilians

By Steve Juon, Wrestling Observer

Quick summary: The Blackzilians are up 300-100 after Kamari Usman's decision victory over Steve Carl last week - meaning that American Top Team has to sweep the last three fights to win the show and the $200,000 prize. Glenn Robinson: "You guys want to train at a real gym? Give us a call." Dan Lambert: "News flash Glenn - you didn't build a team - you BOUGHT a team."

Show Recap:

Dana White: "It's a do or die situation for American Top Team right now."

Hayder Hassan: "Everything that makes us who we are is how we bounce back."

Glenn Robinson hosts a party at the Versace Mansion to celebrate the Blackzilians being this close to mathematically ending the show. Meanwhile at the ATT gym they're standing in front of a wipe board figuring out who should fight.

ATT chooses Nathan Coy to get a second shot, and he's stoked that they have faith in him to get the job done. Lambert: "We need him. He's our captain. He's a rock for us. We're gonna win this thing." Coy: "I've been doing this since eight years old ... but I've loved every minute of it. I just want to get after it, have fun, and show the world you have to believe."

The Blackzilians are leaning toward Sabah Homasi going again based on his weight at first, but Robinson says "BBMonstro" Araujo should go again based on his striking. He's the man who handed Steve Carl his first loss this season. Commercial.

Season 15 winner Michael Chiesa has shown up at the TUF house for the annual Harley-Davidson infomercial. He leads the pack to Peterson's H-D in Miami so they can try out some bikes. The rest of the next ten minutes can be filled out in your own imagination. Weigh-ins: 170.25 for Araujo. 171 for Coy.

Robinson accuses Lambert of trying to get two fighters ready when he sees Sabah Homasi rehydrate after the weigh-ins. This leads to smack talking between the coaches. Lambert challenges Robinson to a grappling match. He says nothing. Dana White: "This is the most important fight of this season! If BB Monster wins it's over."

* Valdir 'BBMonstro' Araujo (Blackzilians) vs. Nathan Coy (American Top Team)

Coy is in the blue trunks, Araujo the gray. Coy comes forward with some good striking and gets a takedown 20 seconds in to half guard against the fence. Araujo tries to lock an arm around his neck for a choke but doesn't have the position, and Coy jumps to full guard and pops his head free. Araujo tries to push him away with his legs. Coy blasts him with a right elbow to the face. The referee warns them about holding the cage. Coy is doing a good job of grinding Araujo up while on top.

Araujo tries to get the arm around his neck again at 3:10. Coy pops out even quicker this time and his biceps are smeared with blood. He almost jumps to full mount at 3:48. Araujo tries to grab the head again and Coy pops out at 3:59. Araujo tries to hook a leg and Coy gets up and sprints away. He backpedals with short time remaining and they clinch at the horn. 10-9 Coy.

Coy blasts Araujo with a good knee. Araujo tries a flying kick but gets taken down, and in the scramble he goes for a guillotine but can't get it. He winds up on top and blood is going everywhere. Araujo goes for the guillotine and lets Coy on top. Coy is relentless and won't let Araujo get away. Coy gets North-South as the ref gives Araujo a warning not to grab the shorts. Araujo slips away at 2:18 and Coy takes him down again. Coy gets a warning for grabbing the fence.

Araujo goes for a heel hook and Coy pops out. Coy is eating up the clock and busting Araujo with short hard lefts. Araujo is using what little gas he has trying so hard to grab submissions. He's a sweaty greasy mess. The only thing Araujo can do it try (and fail) to tie Coy up for the last minute. The blood and pain on his face tells the story - his own mistakes will cost him. Coy should win both rounds on all three cards.

20-18 X3 for Nathan Coy. It's 300-200 and American Top Team is still alive with two fights left.

See you next week!