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VIDEO: WWE Chronicle with Samoa Joe


The latest episode of the WWE docuseries WWE Chronicle takes a look at Samoa Joe’s career as he challenges for the WWE title at SummerSlam this Sunday.

The documentary takes a deep dive over the last few months of Samoa Joe’s career. After returning from a plantar fascia rupture that caused him to miss out WrestleMania for the second year in a row, Samoa Joe returned and challenged Roman Reigns at this year’s Backlash. After losing the match, he jumped ship over to SmackDown. Footage is also shown of him competing in the Money in the Bank briefcase match, as well as recent confrontations with AJ Styles.

The video also goes into his background, with his family’s history of running a Polynesian dance group. There’s also footage of him traveling across the country talking about his career, travelling, his recent setbacks, in-character thoughts about recent actions and more.

Samoa Joe will challenge AJ Styles for the WWE this this Sunday at SummerSlam.