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VIDEO: 'WWE Day Of' with Becky Lynch


Here is a video of a new WWE digital series, WWE Day Of, which features Becky Lynch responding to her Survivor Series fate.

In the video, you can see what happened the day following Raw, when a punch by Nia Jax gave Becky Lynch a broken nose. She was set to compete against Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series this Sunday, but the injury changed things. In the video, you can see Lynch being called to a closed door meeting. It is there that she learns that WWE medical staff would not clear her in time for Sunday.

The video also says that she was given the task of naming her replacement. On SmackDown this past Tuesday, Lynch named Charlotte as her replacement, telling her to make Rousey tap out. The two then hugged despite feuding with one another for the last few months.

It isn’t known how long Lynch will be out of action.