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WCW Thunder episodes now available on the WWE Network


Episodes of WCW Thunder were added to the WWE Network this morning.

So far, WWE has uploaded most episodes of WCW’s secondary show from the start of the program on January 8, 1998 through September 1999. Some episodes during this time period are still not up as of this writing, but more may be added by the end of the day.

WWE Network News originally reported that episodes of WCW Thunder would be added on March 19. It was theorized that the reason why it had taken so long for the show to appear on the network was due to the lawsuit against WWE by Buff Bagwell and Raven over royalty fees associated with the WWE Network. That lawsuit was dropped back in December.

WCW Thunder ran for a little over three years, ending its run on March 21, 2001. It was the final wrestling program on TBS, which had broadcasted professional wrestling for 29 years before a regime change cancelled all professional wrestling on Turner networks.