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WON Preview: Annual business year in review

We have our annual business year in review as the lead of the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week.  We cover our awards balloting year from 12/1/14 to 11/30/15 looking at the biggest events and biggest draws, with the year's biggest crowds, records set in several different companies, every show that did more than 15,000 fans, who headlined the most big shows, where John Cena ranks among all-time draws in a number of categories, a look at Cena compared to those in similar positions on the all-time list, the PPV buys for every show of the past year in wrestling, MMA and boxing, which companies did the last when it comes to live events and how this year compared with other years, UFC PPV business for the year and UFC big show business, as well as a look at every show that topped $2 million and a number of gate records set in different categories this year.

We also look at Dwayne Johnson returning for WrestleMania, different ideas of where he may fit in, and his recent track record of WrestleMania matches.

We also look at the history of New Japan on January 4th at the Tokyo Dome.  We look at the first New Japan Tokyo Dome show and its main event, what drew the first house, what Lou Thesz said to Antonio Inoki after the show and why Thesz thought the result was a good thing and why it ended up being a waste.  We also look at a number of major characters who debuted on the show including one of the most enduring stars in history, as well as a character in a famous video game.  We look at records set the first time New Japan ran on January 4th, which was also a PPV in the U.S., some of the biggest matches during New Japan's heyday, how things look for this year, the fall of New Japan and how the Dome tradition almost ended, as well as the comeback in recent years.  We look at how this year's show will differ from last year as well as a match-by-match rundown and a look at the history of the New Japan big four, Tanahashi, Okada, A.J. Styles and Nakamura, with all of their previous Tokyo Dome matches.

We also look at what Jonathan Coachman said about HGH usage in WWE, why HGH usage is so prevalent in certain types of sports and entertainment, what it really does and doesn't do, and why nobody ever seems to get caught.

We also look at WWE injury coverage for talent, why WWE stars are doing more NBC media, notes on how movies with Sting are doing at the box office, thoughts on how the WWE's head of medical came across in the movie "Concussion" plus a concussion expert talks the Daniel Bryan situation.  We also update on Nikki Bella, NXT sellouts, Brock Lesnar's next match, Cena facing a surprise opponent in two weeks, Chris Jericho talks his future, Royal Rumble notes, Sin Cara injury update, NXT in Dallas for Mania, WWE injuries, the go-home show for WrestleMania, two international stars about to start with WWE and the Bayley character on the main roster.

We've got a rundown on the holiday show in Madison Square Garden, Ben Askren talks about One's new weight cutting regulations that will completely change the promotion and why this could be a prototype for a massive change in MMA.  We've got a look at the first Rizin show, the sad spectacle of Sakuraba, the pro wrestlers on the show, the mentality behind why certain people were on the show and match-by-match coverage.

We also look at how the WWE ratings have fared in its No. 2 market, te U.K., and how declines and gains compare to what happened in the U.S.

We also look at the Dragon Gate Final Gate show, the last major event of the year. 

We also have our 2015 awards ballot as well as our monthly business review of WWE & TNA.

The Latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter: January 4, 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Business year in review, Rock at Wrestlemania 32, tons more.

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Also in this issue:

--Christmas cards are almost all forgotten, but the one place they are still around does big business

--More on CMLL's iPPV problems 

--Last Lucha Libre Elite show of the year

--More on Rey Mysterio Jr. in Mexico

--Great mainstream article on AAA with more info on the death of Perro Aguayo Jr.

--Keiji Muto returns to the ring

--Talk of an angle hinted about to save a promotion in rough shape

--More on NOAH's year-end show

--Another former star comes back to NOAH

--Early year big NOAH shows

--Notes on New Japan's show before the Tokyo Dome

--Hiroshi Tanahashi talks about being a star in Japanese wrestling

--Mainstream star coming to the Tokyo Dome

--Female star retires

--Major woman's tilte changes hands

--Huge European tour includes a first-time ever dream match of two of the best American wrestlers of the past 15 years

--Former WCW announcer now working as national news anchor

--Roddy Piper's last movie

--Honoring a woman' wrestling great

--Lucha Underground and house shows

--More on ROH contract talks

--Japanese stars coming to the next ROH PPV show

--ROH Top Prospect tournament

--More on TNA's PPV show next week

--Future of Kurt Angle

--What match does Kurt Angle really want

--Anderson Silva vs. Michael Bisping notes

--Dana White goes off on reporters

--More on decision to put a PPV main event on Fight Pass

--More on Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate

--UFC income in 2015

--Complete gate info from the December shows in Las Vegas

--Why there are problems regarding a stadium show in Dublin

--Daniel Cormier talks about a date he'd like to face Jon Jones

--Gleison Tibau facing a possible drg suspension

--Nick Diaz talks drug testing

--UFC card this week

--Notes on UFC booking

--Notes on UFC roster cuts

--Some new UFC fights