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WON Preview: Lesnar-Goldberg II, Survivor Series, WWE Network

October 17, 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Goldberg returning to face Brock Lesnar, tons more

A jam-packed news issue of the Observer up right now on the web site.  The story behind the Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match, their first match in 2004 and why the finish changed, why the match is taking place now instead of WrestleMania and Goldberg's comments.  

The plans for the rest of the Survivor Series, the short-term plans involving John Cena and why the No Mercy finish went the way it did, updates on the Hell in a Cell show, plus a complete rundown of No Mercy with match-by-match coverage, business notes, poll results and star ratings.

An in-depth look at different options being debated on for the future of the WWE Network, including different price structures, different things offered, changes in what is being offered and other ideas.  We look at the market research being done for different ideas they've come up with.

The business of UFC, including why the company has to become exceptionally profitable and why this is so bad for the fighters.  We look at the sale and the different investment money needed to hit $4 billion in the price tag.

The return of Ronda Rousey and the questions about the date and her return.

Update on Vince McMahon, this year's Tribute to the Troops show, Ryback talks WWE drug testing and what he likes and thinks is bullshit about it, notes on the upcoming NXT overseas tour, update on the Hideo Itami injury, more on the Chris Benoit case after the fact, issues with Bret Hart and Michael Hayes over the WWE Hall of Fame, trivia about Bobby Roode's great entrance music, more on Royal rumble weekend, More notes from the last WWE tryouts, more on James Ellsworth, Eva Marie update more injury notes as well as highlights from all the WWE and NXT arena events over the past week with business notes and highlights.    

Complete coverage of King of Pro Wrestling, with match-by-match coverage of one of the year's best shows, star ratings and poll results as well as notes on where New Japan is going with the booking, identity of the masked men, Michael Elgin notes, and notes on the upcoming jr. tag team tournament.

The situation with Alberto Del Rio and Paige and all the different news stories they've been involved with and claims, counter claims, and questionable claims.  We look at Paige's issues with WWE that have come out and others that haven't come out yet, the Combate Americas talks, the kind of money Alberto was offered to fight and why he didn't, and all the weirdness of the different stabbing stories.

UFC 204 coverage with a look at the career of Dan Henderson, unique records of Michael Bisping, looking at the decision round-by-round, media scores and match stats, plus all the business notes of the fight and match-by-match coverage.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett ended up making national news from her involvement with Donald Trump on "Celebrity Apprentice" years ago and her comments on the different news stories and what she knows from her own interactions.

Also in this issue:

  • CMLL's annual tournament of champions notes including comedy about forgetting who a champion was
  • A look at the tremendous Arena Mexico show last week
  • NOAH nearly doubles Korakuen Hall attendance using Okada
  • Notes on NOAH's next major show
  • Notes on the last trios tile bout in New Japan
  • Notes on this coming weekend's New Japan World live event
  • Beginnings of what could be major plans for a big television pilot worked on by a major overseas network and its goals to bring back the glory days of wrestling
  • Update on situation with Perry Saturn
  • Notes on WWE Hall of Famer expecting a child
  • Notes on Sterling Brewer, a Southeastern wrestling television announcer who just passed away
  • Notes on Wrestle Culture Pro Wrestling
  • More on the Chris Benoit movie being worked on
  • Big AAW tournament including some comments that are getting play in different places
  • Notes on Lucha Underground's planned first batch of house shows coming up very soon and who is listed as on them
  • Lots of future plans of Lucha Underground
  • Eric Van Wagenen talks about taking the show into house shows
  • Who was the original person to play Matanza Cueto
  • Ivelisse talks intergender matches
  • Rey Mysterio talks working for Lucha Underground
  • ROH shows this weekend and notes
  • Update on all the behind the scenes with TNA and all the problems with Dixie Carter, Billy Corgan and John Gaburick
  • Update on what happened regarding talks of WWE buying the tape library
  • Notes on the reaction to Dixie Carter by talent
  • Notes from talent over what they hope will happen
  • How costs ended up being more than expected for the last tapings
  • Plans for all the TV's between now and the end of the year
  • Notes from all the TV taped through 12/8 with angles and title changes
  • More on the Conor McGregor fine
  • Commission talk regarding Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar
  • Jose Aldo talks wanting to leave UFC
  • Why there is so much fear right now in the UFC office since the sale
  • Michael Bisping could get into trouble with comments on Brock Lesnar
  • More notes on UFC 205 on PPV and it being possibly the longest PPV ever
  • Update on GSP fighting this week and why the deal hasn't happened yet and whether it's worth it
  • Why Al Iaquinta retired
  • Nate Diaz punishment notes
  • B.J. Penn injury and Philippines show cancellation notes and why
  • How crazy UFC schedule will be getting
  • What UFC star is dating a famous celebrity, who apparently also wants to fight
  • C.M. Punk update
  • Why Anderson Silva has been negative on UFC
  • Lots of new UFC fights

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