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WWE 205 Live results: Nikkita Lyons debuts


Edris Enofé defeated Guru Raaj

I’m running out of ways to say forgettable, especially in reference to 205 Live. This match was not bad, but painfully average. 

Enofé started the match by taking Raaj to the mat. As things picked up, Raaj had some brief moments of offence, he landed a monkey flip and senton, but generally, Enofé was in control. A fisherman buster, spinebuster, and shooting star press led to the end of the bout in favour of Enofé. 

Amari Miller defeated Nikkita Lyons

Everything in this match, every solitary moment, was gauche. Lyons is painfully green, as is Miller, so I guess this should be expected somewhat. But, with that being said, there were some interesting moments in this match. For example, the ragdoll choke was compelling; it just was done poorly. 

A pre-taped Lyons promo aired before her debut. Not much was said, just a general, ‘I’m here, watch out’ type of thing. 

Lyons started the match with an awkward grappling exchange. After Miller slipped free, the pair squared up in an even more awkward striking segment. Lyons pulled Miller’s feet, slamming Miller’s head into the bottom rope before locking in a choke. 

Miller dropped Lyons after escaping the choke by pulling on her shoulders. Miller took advantage, landing a suplex and a knee strike that ended the match. 

Dante Chen defeated Draco Anthony 

This was another totally inoffensive, inconsequential match that the world will forget if they remember it to begin with. 

Before his match, a pre-taped Chen promo played. He mentioned he was the first Singaporean in the WWE. 

The match opened with meaningless chain wrestling before a forearm from Anthony initiated an offensive sequence in his favour. During this segment, Chen resisted but couldn’t actualise any real shifts in control. 

Finally, Chen started to pick things up after landing a lariat. A pump kick, a slap across the chest, and a sitout butterfly cradle drop all in quick succession allowed Chen to pin Anthony to close the match. 

Final Thoughts:

With another year of 205 Live in the books, I thought I’d reflect on the show. If one word describes 205 Live in 2021, it’s “forgettable”. Even after watching 50 episodes of the show this year, I can count on one hand the number of matches that left any kind of impression on me. In fact, 205 Live’s most notable moments were not during its airtime but after its roster was fired. Twice. 

I’m honestly shocked that this show survived this year.