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WWE 205 Live results: Tony Nese vs. Jake Atlas


Mansoor and Ashante “Thee” Adonis defeated Samir Singh and Chase Parker 

Bolly-Rise made their in-ring return, this time with the pairing of Samir Singh and Chase Parker. 

Singh and Mansoor started the match in typical fashion. After some light offense favoring Mansoor, Parker and Adonis subbed in. Adonis and Parker traded some light offense of their own before Adonis was lured into the Bolly-Rise corner, allowing Singh to steal control. Parker and Singh traded tags, picking apart Adonis in the process. 

Adonis fought for and eventually succeeded in tagging in Mansoor. Mansoor connected with multiple atomic drops on both of his opponents, but Parker and Singh proved to be too much in tandem. Singh landed an elbow drop for a near fall. 

Parker and Singh set up for a double team maneuver before being interrupted by Adonis; this allowed Mansoor to connect with a falcon arrow. After a brief four-man brawl, Adonis hit a superkick and Singh and pinned him.

Mansoor remains undefeated as Bolly-Rises continues to be winless. This was an inoffensive match. Nothing special about it, but it wasn’t bad. 

Jake Atlas defeated Tony Nese 

Immediately following the opening bell, the music of Ariya Daivari played and out walked Daivari. Nese took advantage of this distraction, clubbing Atlas. Nese maintained his newfound control with a variety of strikes. 

Time after time, Atlas gained some separation, only to lose it. Atlas finally fought Nese to the floor and connected with a moonsault. Back in the ring, Atlas connected with a lariat, which resulted in a near fall. 

Nese stopped Atlas from following up by grabbing his hair. Nese used his fist full of locks to deliver a running hotshot followed by a moonsault. Atlas kicked out of the pin attempt that followed. 

Atlas fought free from a suplex to buy separation. Atlas landed big move after big move before trying for pins resulting in near falls; this prompted Daivari to toss his chain into the ring behind the referee’s back. Before Nese could act, August Grey ran out from the back and grabbed the chain. In the chaos, Atlas rolled Nese up for the win.

There isn’t a lot to say about this match. Even with the interference, it felt by the numbers. Again, not bad per se, just plain.