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WWE 9-25 House Show Results Toronto: John Cena vs Seth Rollins

Xavier Woods and Big E def. PTP when Kofi interfered and hit trouble in Paradise on Titus.

Braun Strowman def Damien Sandow in a squash. Sandow has new music

Curtis Axel and El Torito def. Los Matadores. It started as a handicap match as Axel Vs Matadores but then El Torito came out to "Bad To The Bone" and became Axel's partner.

Chris Jericho def Luke Harper with the codebreaker.

Ryback def. Kevin Owens by dq when Owens raked the eyes. Ryback hit shell shock after the match

Ambrose def. Bray Wyatt. No holds barred match, Harper came out and attacked Ambrose and set up a table, then the Dudley's put Harper through the table. Strowman came and beat up the Dudley's and then ryback came out and beat up Strowman with Ambrose. Ambrose hit dirty deeds for the win. Wyatt tripped taking the move so it looked soft

Charlotte and Becky def. The Bella's with Alicia fox at ringside.

Big Show def. Cesaro with a chokeslam. Crowd was chanting for Show to retire, so he took the mic and said "no".

Cena def. Rollins to retain US title with an AA off the top. Pretty much the same match as their NOC match except the finish.