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WWE Main Event results: Garza vs. Tozawa, Cross vs. Reckoning


The Big Takeaways:

Nikki Cross got her win back from last week in a mediocre opener against Reckoning while Angel Garza dispensed with Akira Tozawa to cap off a run of the mill first show of 2021.


A graphic for the late Jon Huber/Luke Harper appeared at the start of the show.

Nikki Cross defeated Reckoning (w/ Ali) (4:16)

Tom Phillips and Samoa Joe threw to a interview with a fired up Cross who asserted us that 2021 was going to be her year and that she wasn’t going to stand for people deriding her any longer. 

Reckoning came out flanked only by Ali this week whereas the whole Retribution crew had been out in force last week. She took the early going with a slow methodical approach on Cross. There was a nice dragon suplex spot from Reckoning and regardless of what Cross threw at her, she showed that she could be plucky and continued to get up.

Cross nailed Reckoning with a tornado DDT out of the corner and then held on, picking her up to finish her off with the Cross Fire.

Even though even steven booking is not the way to get Reckoning over, it was good to see Cross get her win back here. Ali looked on thoroughly unimpressed, but there was no post-match angle to play that up.

Angel Garza defeated Akira Tozawa (6:45)

This was taped pre-Raw on Monday so Garza was not yet in possession of the 24/7 Championship he won for the first time on Thursday at a TikTok New Year’s Eve party at an undisclosed location.

These two were good together, because, well, they are both very, very good. The match being sub-seven minutes meant that it was too quick, but they did well to get in some of their good stuff in the time given.

Tozawa locked in the octopus which he had tried last week to no avail against Lince Dorado. Garza got out, but Tozawa tried a headscissors as he dangled from Garza in a somewhat tombstone position. Garza eventually just threw Tozawa off him, nailed him with a superkick, and finished him off with a decisive Wing Clipper.

Just as he was last week, Tozawa was excellent here once again. Garza is way too good for either this or the poison chalice of the 24/7 Championship.

Final Thoughts:

We’re back to where we were a month or so ago: Main Event is just a show where a limited pool of wrestlers trade wins back and forth in front of limited eyeballs each week.

It exists in a vacuum, but everyone who is on the show works really hard in the short time that they’re given. There’s nothing much wrong with it, but it's unambitious and whoever runs it each week lacks perspective.

Happy New Year!