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WWE: Steve Austin hosts a rare interview with Brock Lesnar


The Steve Austin Podcast with Brock Lesnar was interesting. It was an interview that made Lesnar come across as a blue collar guy who, at the same time, is also a smart businessperson while also being somewhat introverted. He said in the interview that he clocks in, clocks out and doesn’t go out of his way to make friends or politic. When going out to cook his favorite food, steak (the first fifteen minutes of the interview was off topic), he likes to see his land, and not any of his neighbors. It's easy to see why Lesnar doesn’t do these kinds of interviews, so when he does it’s very interesting to see him in this light.

He talked about his early days, watching Little House on the Prairie on TV (no, really) and working on his parent’s farm in South Dakota. They talked about his wrestling days at University of Minnesota and assorted junior colleges. Lesnar talked about how Brad Rheingans broke him into the business once WWE were interested and how Curt Hennig and Big Boss Man taught him the business while on the road. They talk about his first run in the WWE, working with The Rock. In an interesting line, Lesnar said that it was The Rock that taught him to be selfish, and that it was a give and take business. He also mentioned that he was pressured into taking that shooting star press at WrestleMania XIX. Just because he could do something athletic, doesn’t mean he actually wanted to do it.

They talk briefly about the terrible WrestleMania XX match between him and Goldberg. Lesnar said they both wanted out and “didn’t give a shit”. Lesnar flat out said he used the NFL as a scapegoat to leave WWE. After skirting a question concerning the 2005 lawsuit between him and WWE (it’s all water under the bridge) they go into his UFC run for a bit. Lesnar said he met with Dana after entering the Octagon as a spectator after a Gonzaga/Couture match and said he wanted in. That seems like a bit of a stretch. He said he might be still fighting today in the Octagon if it wasn’t for the diverticulitis. He talked about getting sick in Canada and travelling back to the states to see a doctor.

They capped it off by talking about current WWE topics. Austin mentions breaking the streak and Lesnar said that some people didn’t like that, but did anyone else have the credentials to beat Undertaker? He’s not good at promos, but that’s what Heyman is there for - he’s gotta feed the Jew (his words, not mine). Austin asks about Hell in a Cell and Lesnar goes into kind of worked shoot mode, saying he has gripes with the Undertaker and didn’t like how their last match turned out, so he promises carnage at Hell in the Cell.

There were a few other topics discussing, including comparing Dana and Vince (which Lesnar really doesn’t do because Austin went to the next question rather quickly), a rant on millennials, getting sick in Canada and nearly requiring surgery, Austin’s walkout in 2002 and how that was maybe a two way street deal, and his fights with Heath Herring and Randy Couture. Again, a pretty interesting interview that’s worth your time. If you don’t like off topic banter, though, I recommend skipping the first 15 minutes or so.