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Adam Cole debuts at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III



Adam Cole made his NXT debut Saturday at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III, attacking Drew McIntyre and aligning himself with Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly.

McIntyre had just won the NXT title by defeating Bobby Roode. The show was set to close when Fish and O’Reilly, who made their NXT debut as a team earlier on the show attacking SAniTy, appeared on the apron. This let Cole, who came in through the crowd, attack him from behind.

All three put the boots to McIntyre, signaling an alliance. Cole grabbed McIntyre’s title and held it high, indicating that he was coming for the title.

It had pretty much been known that Cole was making his way here following his departure from Ring of Honor in May. Cole had been with the promotion since 2009, where he initally teamed with O’Reilly as Future Shock. He ascended to the top of the roster, winning the ROH world title on three different occasions, a company record.

We'll have more on this tonight on Wrestling Observer Radio.