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Off-air notes from WWE Raw plus Superstars spoilers

Submitted by Jeff Caldwell and Chris Featherstone from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH

- Shining Stars d. Breezango

The Stars cut a heel promo on the city before the match, and won with a dropkick/leg sweep combination on Fandango.

- Usos d. The Ascension 

Usos come out to a chorus of boos. Crowd becomes split after their chant, and even more in favor of them when the Ascension comes out. "Let's go Usos!" chant during the match. Usos win after the top rope splash from Jimmy to Konnor.


Crowd was moderately into the show with the biggest pops (in descending order) going to New Day, Enzo/Cass and John Cena.

It may just be me but I didn't remember there being so many commercials on the TitanTron during the show. Basically any time a commercial break was made and wasn't during a match, there was a commercial break on the TitanTron. It seemed a lot more than usual, but it never killed the crowd.

The only thing that may be of note that may or may not have made the show was during the 16-man tag. What I think happened was during a commercial break, the guys really were just supposed to entirely stop what they were doing and essentially stand around doing nothing after some integral spots were blown. I can't remember ever seeing a match look more like it went to commercial than this one. Half the guys standing outside the ring looked dazed while the other half stood in the ring looking dazed. It was like one of those typical spots where you expect a dive to take place but it never did.  

Enzo and Cass & John Cena vs. The Club

Dark match after the show wasn't promoted, so I think it caught much of the crowd off guard and many left during it. It was a good match although a bit sloppy, and the crowd was awkwardly quiet during much of it to the point Anderson was taunting the crowd by putting one finger to his mouth to signal for them to hush to which there was little reaction. 

I think this feud will be a fun one because much of the crowd actually boos The Club, and Enzo and Cass are actual babyfaces people cheer. Cena got the pin and won the match, then proceeded to celebrate with a kid from Make a Wish.