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Akira Tozawa wins the WWE Cruiserweight title on Raw


Akira Tozawa is the new WWE Cruiserweight champion, defeating Neville after an impromptu match on Raw.

The two were previously scheduled to square off at SummerSlam this Sunday. Michael Cole explained before the match that Tozawa’s manager Titus O’Neil went to Raw General Manager Kurt Angle before the show and mentioned that Boston was a big town, rich of sports tradition and would be the perfect place for Tozawa to win the title. Angle agreed, setting up the title bout.

The finish had Neville going for the Red Arrow, but Tozawa rolled out of the way, sending Neville crashing to the mat. Tozawa made it to the apron and launched with the senton, pinning Neville and winning the championship.

Neville had held the title since beating Rich Swann at the Royal Rumble back on January 29, holding it for 197 days. It’s currently unclear if the match already set for SummerSlam will take place.