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Alberto Del Rio not returning to WWE


Jose Alberto Rodriguez, better known as Alberto Del Rio, will not be returning to WWE after the conclusion of his 30-day suspension for a wellness test violation.

WWE may make the announcement shortly, but Rodriguez being removed from all house shows he had been advertised for, even after his suspension was over, was WWE's indication that he is leaving.

Sources say he and WWE have come to terms on a release, leaving him free to work in Mexico and internationally imminently. He would also be free to work in the U.S. in a few weeks.

The Wrestling Observer had reported for some time that issues with Rodriguez and WWE stemmed from creative problems, and that the chances were solid that he may leave the promotion. It was considered likely last week and now, it is said to be a done deal.

His recent suspension for a Wellness test violation after the issues developed was obviously not going to help matters. Rodriguez's girlfriend Paige was also suspended on the same day for a different policy violation.

According to sources close to the situation, Rodriguez was unhappy, claiming he was given empty promises when they brought him back last year for a surprise return. He indicated he was promised a main event push which didn't materialize.

Similar issues caused him to leave Lucha Underground, because he said he was promised the main event of Ultima Lucha and was mad because his match was not in that position. There were also financial issues with that promotion, but the WWE situation has no financial issues tied to it.

He was treated as a big deal behind the scenes upon his return, beating John Cena clean in his first match back to win the U.S. title. He was pegged for a program with Cena when Cena returned from filming "American Grit", but by that point, his stock had fallen. His creative link with Zeb Colter took him down, and the League of Nations angle wasn't a success either.