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Alberto Del Rio seemingly tweets details of Paige's injury


In a tweet on Saturday afternoon, Alberto Del Rio seemed to provide further details on the neck injury Paige is dealing with.

Del Rio tweeted: "Hmm interesting and they say she's not hurt..."

He also attached a screenshot of a text message, without indicating who it was from, that had seemingly been sent to Paige about her injury.

The message read: "You have a disc herniation at c6/7 pushing on the exit of the C7 nerve root and causing all your r side upper extremity pain and some of your neck pain. Also, you have a lot of wear and tear for your age."

Paige tweeted last month that she was given two different surgery options for her neck injury. Dave Meltzer reported on the situation in this week's edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, noting that WWE doctors don't believe that Paige needs surgery for the injury.

The relationship between Paige and WWE seemed to get more strained over the last week following the announcement of her 60-day suspension for a wellness policy violation. After the suspension was announced, Paige tweeted her frustrations and claimed that rules apply differently depending on your status.

Paige alluded to the violation being caused by something she had a prescription for. That was backed up by members of her family, who claimed that it was caused by painkillers she was taking for her neck injury. Her father also posted on Facebook that he didn't feel the injury was being dealt with.

That caused WWE to make a rare public statement about a wellness policy violation to the New York Post, where they said that Paige had tested positive for an illegal substance and that they were providing "world-class" care for the injury.