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Aleister Black discusses WWE release, Vince McMahon, creative


The now former Aleister Black (Tommy End) took to Twitch this afternoon to discuss his WWE release, Vince McMahon, and other subjects.

On the hour-long stream, Black said that he was told that budget cuts were the reason for his release. He said that the last few years were like a “slow death” for the Aleister Black character, but would always be pitching ideas. He was excited for the ‘Dark Father’ storyline that had been playing out on TV for the last month, which culminated in an attack on Big E nearly two weeks ago on SmackDown, which was his final WWE appearance.

Regarding Vince McMahon, Black recalled having positive conversations with him.

“Being on the main roster, in all my conversations with Vince, he was always positive,” Black said. “I had a good relationship with Vince. I always told him how I felt and he respected that about me. He always praised me on my creativity and manners of respect but being honest about how I felt. From my point of view, I always felt Vince was always high on me. ”

Regarding WWE’s creative process, he asked  for people not to get mad at them. “Creative tries their absolute hardest, and there are good people working there” he said.

Others he thanked include Triple H, Bruce Britchard, Paul Heyman, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Rowan, and Brodie Lee for what they did for him. He also said that Roman Reigns was one of the best locker room leaders he has ever been around. 

At one point during the stream, he addressed various reports made about him during his WWE run. Black said that reports of him asking to be sent to NXT being shut down were not true, and were in fact praised. However, Vince wanted to see how his character went first before going back to NXT. He said reports that Vince were never high on the Black character were also not true, though he did say that the seven months being at home "murdered" him.

Towards the end of the stream, he mentioned that he had just created new music for the new character and thought it was the best song he’s had.

WWE thus far have released six people today from their contracts, including Black, Braun Strowman, Lana, Murphy, Ruby Riott, and Santana Garrett.