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Aleister Black returns to WWE TV on SmackDown


Aleister Black re-emerged on tonight’s SmackDown, narrating a story and berating the WWE audience.

A vignette was shown on SmackDown tonight featuring Black sitting in a chair among a number of candles. He read a book named “Tales from the Dark Father''. He told a story about a boy whose father took him to rituals of life and death.  Black claimed that the boy never learned how to slay the dragon, but he learned to be the dragon. He called the people watching the vignette monsters, saying he would never help them with their lies and their deceit. He called them vile and they should be condemned. 

Black had not been seen on WWE television in six months. He had been drafted to SmackDown as part of the 2020 WWE draft in October, but was never shown on television until tonight’s show. Prior to the draft, he had been feuding with Kevin Owens, with his last match being a No Disqualification match in a losing effort.