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Alexa Bliss returns to WWE Raw, issues warning to Randy Orton


Alexa Bliss resurfaced tonight on Raw, warning Randy Orton that The Fiend could someday come back.

The end of last night’s TLC event had Orton defeat The Fiend after initially setting him on fire on the outside of the ring. While he was still on fire, Orton RKO’d The Fiend, then poured gasoline on him. He then took a match and lit The Fiend on fire as the show abruptly went off the air.

Orton came out on tonight’s Raw and explained that he liked what he did the previous night. He said that a normal man would have regrets over setting a man on fire, but The Fiend was not a man, and Orton was not normal.

After Orton declared that The Fiend was no more, the lights went out in a manner similar to when The Fiend appears ringisde. Instead, it was Alexa Bliss, swinging on a swing set inside the ring. She joked that The Fiend could be at the beach as he looked a little pale, or could be at his favorite restaurant eating barbeque. 

The end of the segment had Bliss warn Orton that if The Fiend did come back, he would be unlike anything he had ever seen before.

Bliss had not been on Raw in recent weeks as she was filming scenes for the upcoming Punky Brewster reboot that will air on the Peacock streaming service. Charlotte Flair will also appear on the show, and D-Von Dudley is serving as a producer.