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All charges against Rich Swann dismissed


All charges against Rich Swann stemming from his December arrest were dismissed today.

Court records cite insufficient evidence to sustain a conviction as the reason why the case isn't moving forward. Swann was arrested in Gainesville, Florida on December 10th and charged with false imprisonment/kidnapping, which is a third degree felony, and misdemeanor domestic battery (touching or striking).

The arrest report from the incident stated that Swann had gotten into an argument with his wife Vanarrah Riggs, who wrestles as Su Yung, after she performed at an indie show. The report alleged that Riggs got out of their vehicle due to fearing that the argument was going to escalate, and Swann grabbed her by the arm and around her neck, dragged her back to the car, and pushed her in as she screamed for help. Swann denied physically touching Riggs.

In mid-December, Riggs posted a positive message about Swann on Facebook: "I can not wait to see my husband tomorrow. After such an awesome weekend of wrestling debuting in two different promotions across America, nothing would be better than to see his face."

Swann was indefinitely suspended by WWE after the arrest, which is what the company's zero-tolerance domestic violence policy called for. WWE has yet to comment on Swann's status following the charges being dismissed.