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Allison Danger on WWE release: 'I feel like I got brought to Florida and then left to die'

Danger appeared on The Sessions with Renee Paquette.

Allison Danger has opened up about her release from WWE. 

Danger was hired as a full-time coach at the WWE Performance Center in October of 2021. She then moved her family to Florida only to be released three months later in January. 

During an appearance on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, she spoke about the impact this has had on her. 

"To only be here 3 months and then to have it all blow-up, I have a lot of mom guilt attached to... I feel I blew my family up and have nothing to show for it," Danger said on the show. "That's brutal, that is absolutely brutal."

She continued to speak on the impact this has had on her daughter, Kendal. 

"It's not like Kendal's little, Kendal is 13 now, was 12 when this all went down. Has only known Vegas, has only known Vegas, all their friends are in Vegas."

"All of a sudden we're moving to Florida and you got to go to a new school and what not. It's been rough, it's really, really difficult," she continued. 

Danger would later speak about how much she enjoyed coaching at the WWE Performance Center. 

"Even on a bad day, I loved it. Every morning I would show up and before I walked through those doors I would tell myself or I would tell Steve if we were having a cup of coffee, 'I get to come to work today' not 'I have to come to work.'"

The day Danger was released from WWE was her daughter's first day at a new school. She was picking Kendal up from school when she got the call. 

"It's my kid's first day at this brand new school in Orlando. They've never ridden a bus before because KG (Kendal-Grace) went to a charter school in Vegas, never ridden a bus. Nervous that they're going to get off in the wrong neighborhood."

"I was picking KG up and we were going to go out to go have a special dinner to celebrate the very first day at a new school and my phone rings."

She continued to talk about receiving a phone call that the PC was going to be restructured and she was one of eight coaches being let go. 

"They said it wasn't my fault, there was nothing I did wrong. I literally got a text a couple of days before that we were all doing great jobs and how happy they were with the current roster. I was told if they could bring me back they would in a heartbeat, and to make sure that I know it wasn't a reflection on me, it was a change from the higher-ups."

"Could you have not fired me a week before so I could have packed my kid up, moved them up with my husband, and then followed up when possible?’ It's their first day of school. How do I rip my kid out of this?"

Danger revealed that she and her family are still suffering the impact of her release. 

“I feel like I got brought to Florida and then left to die because now my family's split, we're struggling through that. I'm still now, five months out, I have nothing to show for it and I still have no idea what I'm going to do. This has been a rock bottom year," she continued.

She also has not received any offers from other companies. 

"There hasn't been phone calls. I feel like everybody landed on their feet but me. It's to the point where I'm like, is the universe telling me this is it? This is done? I chase the dream, I got it for three months and I'm financially devastated, I'm emotionally like, 'what am I doing?' and now I'm going, 'Is this it for me?' 

"I have no idea what the future holds. If I weren't a mom, it wouldn't be so bad but what happens to me happens to my kid."