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Alpha Academy vs. RK-Bro quiz bowl announced for WWE Raw

A third competition between the two teams has been announced.

A Quiz Bowl acedemic challenge between RK-Bro and Alpha Academy has been announced for next week’s Raw.

Chad Gable named the stipulation on tonight’s Raw after he defeated Riddle in a scooter race. Gable told Riddle after the announcement that he would lose, and RK-Bro wouldn’t get a rematch for the Raw Tag Team titles.

The scooter race had both Riddle and Gable use scooters to circle around the backstage area in a 50-lap race. As they started to reach the finish line, Gable tripped, seemingly giving Riddle the win. However, as Riddle was about to cross the finish line, Otis emerged and attacked Riddle, allowing Gable time to recover and eventually cross the finish line for the win.

After the contest, Gable was mad that Riddle had “run into” Otis and gave Riddle a match against his pupil. Before the match started, Adam Pearce announced that the winner of the match would qualify for the Elimination Chamber match next month. Riddle ended up pinning Otis to qualify.

Raw next week will air on the SyFy channel due to Winter Olympic Games coverage on USA.