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Another 'White Rabbit' QR code tease airs on WWE Raw

WWE displayed another White Rabbit QR code on Raw, this one leading to a TikTok video.

WWE continued its "White Rabbit" teases on Monday's Raw. 

Again the company flashed a QR code on the screen during this week's Raw episode. This time, the code led to a TikTok post from user _comewithme.

The TikTok video: 

The video clip included archival footage of ECW and WWE wrestlers saying "Who killed the world? You did," and "Feed your head."

The video also included the numbers 40701, which happens to be the postal code for Corbin, Kentucky. 

Online speculation pointed to the inclusion of the ECW footage as a clue that the White Rabbit will debut at Extreme Rules in Philadelphia on October 8. 

The White Rabbit teases began during the September 16 SmackDown episode, with the Jefferson Airplane song "White Rabbit" being played for the live crowd during commercial breaks. The song has continued to be used during breaks in WWE house shows since. Another tease aired during the September 19 Raw, and another during the September 23 SmackDown.