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Another 'White Rabbit' QR code tease airs on WWE SmackDown

The latest White Rabbit tease aired during Friday's SmackDown episode.

WWE's latest White Rabbit QR code tease aired during Friday's SmackDown episode, with the strongest hints yet of an imminent Bray Wyatt return. 

As Karrion Kross cut a promo, a QR code flashed on the screen during Friday's show. The QR code leads to a link at and a video that includes Morse code, and purportedly a hidden audio message from Wyatt.

At the 1911 link, a video plays with shots of early Porky Pig cartoons, a cartoon wolf, a slaughterhouse, and the Little Red Riding Hood wolf image seen above. 

When hovering over the White Rabbit icon on the bottom of the screen at the link, "TS_S10E6" appears, a reference to Season 10, Episode 6 of The Simpsons where the Jefferson Airplane song "White Rabbit" plays. 

The 1911 link itself could be a reference to a hat that Bray Wyatt wore in a WWE skit when portraying the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland with a 19/11 card in the hat's brim. 



A Twitter user pointed out that if you translate Morse code that appears in the video, "Azazel Reborn" is the message, and goes on to explain the Azazel meaning.

The purported audio message comes from a link to a phone number hidden in the filename of the White Rabbit image at the 1911 link: 

WWE also played the Jefferson Airplane song during a commercial break at the SmackDown taping, and employed red lighting in the dark segment. 

The message "DRINK MORE OVALTINE" is also hidden in the source code of the 1911 link. 

A sign also appeared in the crowd during a cutaway to Michael Cole and Corey Graves that referenced a Wyatt tweet from 2019: