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Another WWE house show detailed report 5/23 Utica

By Steve Wameling

First time in a few years that WWE has run a show in Utica. It was a pretty fun night.

1. Ziggler pinned Sheamus in a very good opening match that went about 12 minutes. The crowd chanted 'you look stupid' at Sheamus. Sheamus got on the mike and said that he didn't look stupid. The crowd was hot to start and was super into the near falls, but I'm afraid they went on series of them too many. 

2. Jimmy Uso pinned Brad Maddox. Brad Maddox came out on the mic and asked the crowd if anyone knew who he was. Not many people seemed to recognize him. Maddox said he was recently one of the greatest GMs in Raw history. Jimmy Uso came out to some cheers. There was a lot of hot-dogging in this match, which should be expected.

Stardust came out and started promoting the network, the WWE twitter, and He said that if we followed the WWE twitter we would have known already the big announcement that Survivor Series was coming to Utica this fall. Stardust then said he was lying and that everyone in Utica was a fat pig. R Truth came out.

3. R Truth pinned Stardust. Both guys were really entertaining in this match. It was a lot of fun to watch.

4. Lucha Dragons pinned Los Matadors. There was heavy teasing of Torrito joining the Lucha Dragons. The crowd wasn't as into this match. Many people left their seats to go do something else. The match itself was fine.

5. Roman Reigns pinned Big Show in a Steel Cage Match. Roman Reigns got a mixed reaction upon his entrance. The highlight of the night was an older woman fan that got too close to Reigns and got speared by a security guard during his entrance. The steel cage match was what you would expect it to be. Reigns got cheered more during the match. He was not, however, the most over guy on the show.


6. Emma and Charlotte beat Alicia Fox and Layla via submission by way of the figure four leg-lock. Having Charlotte on the show was cool. This match was nothing special, but it was not horrible by any means.

7. Ryback pinned Bray Wyatt. Both guys got decent pops from the crowd. In the words of Vinny V; "It was a match".

8. Randy Orton defeated Seth Rollins via DQ by way of interference by J and J security for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. This match was great. The ending was a letdown to the crowd after all of the near falls. At one point during the match Rollins grabbed a mic and said that he was the greatest champion that Utica has ever seen, better than both Bruno Samartino, Hulk Hogan and Randy Orton. Randy Orton was the most over guy on the show. Rollins was an awesome heel. I wish the Authority (HHH, Stephanie, and Kane) would get the hell out of the spotlight and let Rollins do his own thing more often with J and J. 

All in all, a fun night. Thanks