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Apollo Crews back to using full name


Apollo Crews has his full name back again.

Last night on Raw, the chyron for Apollo listed his full name for the first time in two months. His bio on’s website also has him back as Apollo Crews. Back in February, his name was shortened to just Apollo for reasons that were never made entirely clear. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported last month that internal memos within WWE indicated that the name was changed due to having a similar name with Nikolas Cruz, the shooter behind the Parkland, Florida mass shooting.

Crews and the rest of Titus Worldwide came out last night to welcome Dolph Ziggler, who had just been traded from SmackDown. Titus invited Ziggler to join the group. As he was contemplating, Drew McIntyre came in and laid out Crews, headbutting him. The new team attacked both Titus and Crews, laying out Crews with a zig zag/Claymore kick combination. 

Crews has been mostly teaming with Titus O’Neil ever since joining Raw in last year’s Superstar Shakeup.