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Ariane 'Cameron' Andrew on her life in and out of WWE


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Picture the scene: You're backstage at WrestleMania, getting yourself pumped up for your match, which is literally only minutes away and next on the card.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see Vince McMahon walking up to you. He approaches you and tells you that your match has been cancelled. You assume he's ribbing you and laugh until you realize that this is actually happening, and your heart sinks.

This is what happened to Ariane Andrew (aka Cameron) from the Funkadactyls at WrestleMania 29, along with several other WWE female talents.

This is just one of the topics that we cover in depth in this near-40 minute talk.

Also discussed:

- How she just has to run her mouth at times

- What she is up to nowadays

- Why she left the education sector for a life in WWE

- Getting heat with other WWE talents for having a main roster spot so quickly

- Her up and down relationship with Brodus Clay

- Her long term friendship with WWE's Naomi

- Whether or not she would consider a return to WWE (or any other company)

- The Melina vs. Alicia Fox match that she mentioned as being her favorite on 'Tough Enough'.