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Austin Theory revealed as golden egg thief on WWE Raw


The culprit behind the missing Cleopatra golden egg that was the center of tonight’s Raw was none other than Austin Theory. 

Sami Zayn, Adam Pearce, and Sonya Deville revealed to Vince McMahon on tonight’s show that Theory was the one who stole Cleopatra's golden egg that was introduced as part of a tie-in to The Rock's new Netflix movie, Red Notice, at Survivor Series on Sunday. Theory admitted to the crime, saying that he stole it after he tried to take a selfie with the egg but got nervous with all of the security around and ended up taking it back to his hotel room.

McMahon told Theory that it took a lot of guts to admit what he did and not only dropped the charges, but gave Theory the WWE title match against Big E set for later that night, saying that Theory reminded him of himself. When Zayn questioned McMahon on why he let Theory free, McMahon cut him off, saying nobody likes a snitch. Big E later defeated Theory to retain the WWE title after Theory was distracted by Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, who were arguing outside the ring.

McMahon opened the show telling Pearce and Deville that whoever was able to find the culprit behind the egg's disappearance would receive a WWE title match against Big E later in the night. Backstage segments featured WWE talent running around and tearing everything apart looking for the egg.