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Bagwell & Raven WWE royalties lawsuit dropped as agreement reached


A lawsuit filed by Marcus "Buff" Bagwell and Scott "Raven" Levy against WWE attempting to open the door for wrestlers to get royalties for appearances on the WWE Network was dropped officially yesterday in an agreement between the lawyers for both sides.

WWE had filed a lawsuit against Levy claiming he had made false statements about a prior lawsuit, where Levy and several other former wrestlers had sued to attempt to get employee status for wrestlers claiming they were not independent contractors. In that case, it was
thrown out due to the statute of limitations from when the deals were in place to when the lawsuit was filed having expired. Levy, on a Chris Jericho podcast, had apparently said that Vince McMahon had paid off a judge.

The agreement was made between lawyers that both lawsuits were to be dropped. However, in the settlement agreement, WWE retained the rights to refile the lawsuit against Levy if he were to ever sue WWE again on any contractual matters.

After recent depositions by WWE of Bagwell and Levy, their lawyers opened up settlement talks regarding dropping of the case.

Levy and Bagwell were represented by Klint Bruno and Matthew Peterson of Chicago and William H. Clendenen Jr. of New Haven. The WWE was represented by Jerry McDevitt of Pittsburgh, Jeffrey Mueller of Hartford, and Jonathan Tropp of Stamford.