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Becky Lynch given storyline suspension on WWE Raw


The latest development in the story for the Raw Women's Championship match at WrestleMania 35 took place on Monday night.

Becky Lynch and Stephanie McMahon opened this week's Raw, with Stephanie suspending Lynch indefinitely in storyline. It was noted that Lynch will be suspended until her storyline knee injury is evaluated by medical personnel.

Lynch was "injured" when she was attacked by Nia Jax after eliminating Jax from the women's Royal Rumble match. She brawled with Charlotte Flair on last week's SmackDown and did an interview saying she wasn't going to be evaluated because she doesn't need to spend more time on the shelf.

On Raw, Lynch called herself the glitch in WWE's plan and said there was nothing Stephanie or any doctor could do to stop her from going to WrestleMania. Stephanie said it wasn't about tricks or games, it's about Lynch's health. Lynch replied by telling Stephanie that she isn't taking her moment away from her.

The angle ended with Lynch punching Stephanie after Stephanie suspended her. As Lynch was being escorted out of the building by security backstage, Ronda Rousey called Lynch unprofessional and said Lynch needs to stay home and rest up until she receives a beating from Rousey at WrestleMania.