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Becky Lynch: It’s ‘the dawning of a new era’ in WWE without Vince McMahon

Becky Lynch, The Undertaker, and Bobby Lashley spoke with ESPN recently.

Several WWE Superstars believe it is the "dawning of a new era" with Vince McMahon now gone from the company. 

Becky Lynch, The Undertaker, and Bobby Lashley spoke with ESPN recently about the changes in WWE management. 

"It is the dawning of a new era," said Lynch. "For me, it's crazy and sad because everything I've ever known about WWE has always had Vince in charge, and we wouldn't have WWE the way it is if it wasn't for Vince. He's somebody who believed in me and allowed me to do everything that I've done."

Still, Lynch believes that McMahon's departure opens up the door for changes to be made. 

"We have the opportunity to change some things that maybe weren't so great that we didn't love," she continued. "I think everybody's very excited and optimistic because we know that the people in charge [are] some of the greatest minds in the business, you know. Having Triple H at the helm of the ship is phenomenal. What he's done with NXT speaks for itself. What he did with the women's division and how he allowed us to change the business forever speaks for itself."

"He understands as a talent what we go through and what we need to be more creatively energized," Lynch continued. "There has been a tendency in the past for creative to change last minute, or we don't know where we're going. It's hard to bring everybody along on this journey if we're rambling."

"Triple H has a great eye for storytelling and for treating the women the same way he treats the guys. Just everybody's equal. How do we tell great stories? And that's all this is."

Lynch continued to say that she's hopeful WWE talent will be able to use words such as "belt" and "fans" again as well. 

The Undertaker also spoke with ESPN and said the recent changes in WWE have led to talent being given more freedom. 

"They're loosening the reins a little bit as far as what guys can say and do," Taker said. "I think the product will probably be a little more aggressive. I think that's going to come through in the creative."

"They've kind of been in this entertainment mode, so they're going to have to get some grit and meanness."

WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley is optimistic about having Triple H at the helm. He doesn't believe that Vince McMahon has stepped away completely, however. 

"It's not like Vince isn't going to be there anymore," Lashley said. "He's not going to just let his baby that he's grown to this level just falter. So, he's still going to be there. He's just giving other people opportunities to keep pressing on."

"Stephanie, she's been in the business her whole entire life, so it's not like she doesn't know. ... And look what he did with NXT; that's a big thing Triple H did. So he's just going to take that same mentality and same philosophy, building stars, bring it up to the main roster, which is cool. It's going to be refreshing."