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Becky Lynch: Ronda Rousey headlining WWE WrestleMania 38 would be 'token gesture'

Lynch spoke with Ariel Helwani ahead of WrestleMania 38.

Becky Lynch has commented on Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair going on later than her match with Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 38. 

In an interview with Ariel Helwani released on Friday, Lynch was asked about not facing Rousey at Mania this year. 

"I think that's the biggest match the people thought could happen and so, I think the thinking is not to give away the biggest match possible right out of the gate. Also, let her get her feet wet, let her get used to this life again. Let her get used to doing this which she hadn't had a whole bunch of experience with before in the first place and then you add a baby into that mix."

Lynch also said that she doesn't feel Rousey has reached the same level she was at previously since her return. 

"I don't think she's returned to that level. I think she may have needed a bit more time, which again you have a child, you're coming back after four months, that is an incredible task and an incredible feat but sometimes you need a bit more time especially if you haven't been doing this for years upon years upon years." 

Lynch was then asked about Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey going on after her match with Bianca Belair on WrestleMania Saturday. 

"It makes no difference. They can go on later. Again, I don't think they're the main event. Look, my match is going to steal the show, my match is going to be better, my story has been better, everything that I've done has been better, that's not even a question."

"Even if they do go last, I don't care, my stuff is better, my stuff is the real main event." 

"I think in terms of story-wise, the only two women to have ever won the main event of WrestleMania main-eventing WrestleMania, going on last, I think that would be the perfect story. Two losers main eventing WrestleMania? Two main event losers main eventing WrestleMania?"

"You feel like it's a token gesture that they are going on last because of Ronda's name. I don't think anybody thinks that their story is better and that they deserve it."

Lynch's falling out with Charlotte was also addressed during the interview. She said that nothing has changed regarding the relationship between the two. 

"We have to do live events often two days a week and so one has to be able to co-exist. We haven't had to work together, though."

Lynch was also asked about Charlotte's father, Ric Flair. 

"I just feel like he's simmered back a little bit now but he was just coming at me for any freakin' reason for awhile there and then I called him out on it and it seems to have stopped." 

She was asked if she feels there's any chance of mending the relationship with Charlotte. 

"I think when we're not in this business maybe we can be friends again," Lynch said.