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Becky Lynch suffered separated shoulder at WWE SummerSlam

Lynch is believed to have been injured after taking Jaded from Bianca Belair.

Becky Lynch has a separated shoulder. 

She suffered the injury during her match against Bianca Belair at SummerSlam on Saturday. Her status was addressed by Bryan Alvarez on Monday's edition of Wrestling Observer Live. 

"Becky Lynch took the Jaded (Glam Slam) and landed sideways, she landed on her side. Having separated my shoulder twice wrestling, I knew immediately that was not good. She started grabbing her shoulder and she was grabbing her shoulder throughout the rest of the match," Alvarez said. 

"We can confirm today that she did suffer a shoulder separation. I don't know the extent of it, there are several grades of shoulder separation," he continued. 

A separated shoulder typically takes between two and 12 weeks to recover from. In severe cases, such as with Kota Ibushi, it can take an athlete out of action for much longer, however. 

"She did finish the match and she was using her arm, and she was favoring it but she was lifting and doing all of her spots so I'm hoping it is an injury that she can come back from very quickly," Alvarez continued.