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Big Cass suffers knee injury on WWE Raw

Big Cass injury

Big Cass suffered a legit injury to his knee during a street fight against former partner Enzo Amore on WWE Raw Monday.

Amore was on the ropes when Cass went for a big boot. Amore held the ropes down, sending Cass to the floor. Cass’ left leg landed awkwardly upon impact. 

Cass got back in the ring and was favoring the knee. After some light offense, his leg buckled while trying to deliver the Empire elbow. He rolled out of the ring, visibly upset and yelling out expletives while slapping the ropes. The match was called and Enzo was declared the winner due to injury.

WWE confirmed the injury on their website, adding that Cass will get an MRI on Tuesday.

Amore and Cass have been feuding over the last several months, splitting as a team following the big reveal that Cass had been attacking Amore backstage. Cass has been dominant as a singles competitor as the loss was his first since mid-June.